Seeing a Vision

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

Have you ever seen a dream being built?

That is precisely what we witness in the stunning cover story this month on the Vision Theatre. This project, after many years of restoration and a pandemic, is nearing the end next year toward a grand opening in 2025.

The four in this photo in this blog – Summy Lam, Asatur Keymetlyan, Yvonne Farrow and Daniel Tarica – look like I did when I first saw our stunning photos of this incredible City project! High above them is a brand new chandelier, for certain, but it hardly matters. This entire project deserves the same wonder.

Looking skyward are (from left) Club COO Summy Lam; Asatur Keymetlyan, Public Works/Engineering; and Yvonne Farrow and Daniel Tarica, Cultural Affairs.

It is not possible to emphasize what this project will mean for Leimert Park, South LA, and all of Los Angeles, really. I will let you read the words of Yvonne Farrow, Club Member and longtime performing artist, to better understand. She describes the Vision Theatre as a beacon of light, and I am not one to disagree.

In this story, I see a lot of City departments – and employees – working together. I feel that is very important to the bright future of our home.

If I can brag a little – I give a high five to the Club’s outstanding photographers – Summy Lam, Rebecca DeBolt and Dearbhla McNulty, who turned in excellent work. We insist on first-rate photography in our cover stories and always have. Club Members who work hard every day improving our City deserve nothing less.

Finally, I extend special thanks to Juan Garcia at Cultural Affairs for helping us develop this important and beautiful story.

Batter Up

As we continue our recovery from the pandemic, the Club is delighted to have sponsored our first softball tournament on Labor Day. The hard work of Club Sports Commissioner Noelle Kauffman, Club Member Jane Hauptman and all the coaches in pulling it together is clear to see. City employees deserve the Club’s honor and thanks for all the incredible work you do every day. It is our mission to give back to you.

Worth Considering

In a company email, Club Director of IT Petros Khachatrian shared this: “Many receive advice; only the wise profit from it.” These words hold so much truth and wisdom.

I suggest we embrace advice with open hearts and minds for the greater good. Let’s aim to benefit not only ourselves but also our communities and the world. Together, we can ignite a powerful wave of wisdom and inspiration that reaches far beyond ourselves.

Enjoy your first tastes of a beautiful fall season

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