Rest in Peace to three who affected the Club, the City, the State and...

They are lives worth celebrating, and now lives worth mourning. In the past six weeks or so, the Club family has lost three whom you might have heard of, might have worked with, might have been friends with … or might not have. But they all made a difference in the City and the Club experience.

New dept. creates LA’s first-ever Youth Council to empower young adults.

Since June 2021, City Hall has been getting a lot younger, by design. That’s when the City Council, voted unanimously to create the Youth Development Dept., one of the City’s newest units. A major purpose of the department is to create, manage and develop the City’s first Youth Council...

New sports program brings growth, equity and inclusion. Thanks, Olympics!

Over the last year, more than 120,000 young LA athletes have said yes to PlayLA Youth and Adaptive Sports, Rec and Parks’ new program to offer equitable opportunities all City youths. The program represents among the biggest additions of sports programs at one time in the 133-year history of Rec and Parks.

City responds to climate crisis, giving special attention to underserved areas.

The City’s response to the growing climate crisis – and the way the crisis unfairly affects underserved areas – is heating up, so to speak. LA’s new Climate Emergency Mobility Office (CEMO) is on its feet and hard at work addressing these growing needs. Alive! first reported on the CEMO office in May 2021 after its creation in January that year.

Innovating to Lower LA’s Temperature, One City Neighborhood at a Time

Cool Neighborhoods LA – comprised of the Cool Team (transformative repaving and urban forestry) – is an initiative bringing 200 blocks of cool pavement and nearly 2,000 new trees to eight neighborhoods across Los Angeles’ hottest residential areas.

Rescuing pets is a serious, demanding job. SMART is up to the task.

On March 28, a stormy César Chávez Day in the City, Animal Services’ Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue (SMART) Team and the LAFD’s Swift Water Rescue Team responded to a dog struggling in the fast, dangerous waters of the LA River. After a tense 30 minutes of critical actions followed by several hours of observation and medical attention for the pet, Animal Services reunited the dog – Scooby – safely with his owner. Mission accomplished!

Transportation Dispatchers direct the Traffic Officers on the street.

Transportation’s Communications unit is a small but strong team of Dispatchers and administrative personnel that does many things – answer telephone calls for Parking Enforcement, traffic control, Traffic Signal Repair and impound booting for LA.

LAWA, DCA turn LAX into an impressive art gallery for travelers.

The impressive LAX Art Program, the product of two City departments working together – LA World Airports and Cultural Affairs – and a local gallery, has turned LAX into a strong presenter of vibrant west coast contemporary art.

In the global headlines, Harbor Dept. works to unclog the supply chain.

In this feature story, read about the efforts – still ongoing – made by the Port’s Wharfingers and the heavy data management from Cargo Marketing to help clear the deckS...

Airport Police opens its $220 million headquarters.

Since its inception in 1946, the LA Airport Police has been housed in dozens of buildings, spaces and work areas. It has never been consolidated into one home since expanding to a modern police force of more than 1,100 Officers and civilians in the last few decades. Until now...