Five Animal Control Officers promoted to elite rescue team.

Welcome to the Team!

Story and photos courtesy Armando Navarrete, Animal Control Officer II, Club Member

Five Animal Control Officers have been promoted to the elite Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team (SMART) at Animal Services.

New SMART member Scott Wall rescues a duckling from a drain.

These five new members — Kyra Chisem, Scott Wall, Lois Westphal, Jennielee Greslie and Gaby Lera — have begun their basic rope skill training and have already performed some technical rescues. They soon will be taking a National Fire Protection Association approved class, certified by the California State Fire Marshal, in low angle rope rescue operations, swift water rescue operations and large animal rescue operations.

These new team members join the 10 already state-certified SMART members and will make a much needed addition to the animal rescue team that boasts a 100 percent success rate.

Congratulations to the new SMART team members!