Mission Critical

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

A Club event sparked an idea.

For our annual luncheon this past January, I thought adding an invocation and benediction to the agenda was a marvelous touch. I had seen a feature on CNN over the holidays about the LAPD’s Chaplain Corps, and I connected the two – since we are all about public employees, I should ask the Chaplain Corps whether it performs those beautiful tasks.

I contacted Chaplain Rev. Ken Crawford. Indeed they did. That is how we came to be in the presence of Chaplain Officer Don Jenkins from South Traffic, who added a layer of enhanced meaning to our annual lunch.

I asked our editor, John Burnes, if we had ever done a feature on the LAPD Chaplain Corps. We had not, and with this issue that has been rectified.

The Chaplain Corps, in existence for more than half a century, is so important to the wellbeing of our public safety Officers that they hardly need any embellishment from me here. The serve those who protect and serve. They stand in presence with those who see the worst of the worst, who deal with their own tragedies in the service of others, and are somehow expected to stand tall, unaffected. Of course they are affected. Chaplains remind them at such crisis times that they are not alone, they are supported, and that a higher power has not abandoned them.

Chaplain Rev. Dr. Henry Ellis of the LAPD’s Chaplain Corps, with Alive! editor John Burnes.

Our cover story this month is one of the more moving and beautiful we have produced. I suggest you take it in, for its messages are important for us all.

Special thanks go out to Chaplain Rev. Ken, Officer II Mike McCarty and our interview subjects for their candidness and welcome, and Capt. Kelly Muniz and Sgt. Bruce Borihanh for their assistance.

Years of Service

I am delighted that Council District 2 – Council President Paul Krekorian’s office – and the Mayor’s Office teamed up to create the Sapphire Awards, which honor City and LADWP employees with at least 45 years of active service. Since that is precisely what the Club does – celebrate the work and lives of public employees – we couldn’t be happier the Sapphire Awards were created to do the same thing! On a related note, congratulations to Pearlene Wallace, Finance and Risk Control, LADWP, who just retired after an astounding 51 years of City service. Incredible!

And congratulations to Carol L. Tucker, LADWP, on her official retirement. Carol assisted us many times in the early days of getting Alive! off the ground. Thank you, Carol!

Worth Considering

No one makes a name for themselves by taking the easy route. Being remembered isn’t about doing what’s simple. Forget looking for shortcuts and start recognizing the potential in the tough, complicated stuff that nobody else wants to deal with. 

Enjoy the flowering of a much-deserved spring season.

¡Gracias por leer!