Honoring the Hopeful

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

Our cover story this month is special. They are all special, of course; that is why we produce them. But this one, even more so.

Generally I find that most people want to do good. I believe in a positive, healing world. But those who actually make it happen hold a very special place for me, and for the Club.

Count these Public Works/Bureau of Engineering employees among those who bring about solutions.

Association CEO Robert Larios (right) with the Interim Housing Program team (from left) Mariet Ohanian, Raymond Huang, Marina Quiñonez and Son Vuong.

Housing the unhoused, even temporarily, changed their careers; as they say in this month’s compelling interview, none of the leadership team – Marina Quiñonez, Mariet Ohanian, Son Vuong and Raymond Huang – was plotting a career move to create interim housing. But they were “voluntold” – a great phrase from Marina – and it changed them. Their accomplishments change all of us.

I say well done to Engineering’s Interim Housing team for helping least of the Angelenos.

(Also, thank you to Mary Nemick for helping us produce this story.)

Honoring Careers

Traci Minamide, Assistant Director of Public Works/Sanitation and Environment on the cover of Alive! July 2018.

Retired Club Members, have you signed up to receive your Retirement Plaque? For your career-long dedication to Los Angeles, we honor you with a beautiful plaque. I constantly hear surprise coming from our Retired Members when they see and feel these gorgeous plaques. We love honoring you in this way! Frankly no one honors you as meaningfully as the Club does. Sign up if you are eligible. See page 20.

We also honor you in Alive! Speaking of, I say thanks to two major City Employees on their recent retirements. First is Traci Minamide, longtime Assistant Director of Public Works/Sanitation and Environment. Traci has graced our cover a few times.

Tina Fermin

And also to Tina Fermin, who retired from General Services after 34 years of service. Tina has assisted us in producing stories, including most recently the retirement of Val Melloff, and the General Services’ holiday party.

Honoring You

You might have noticed a theme in my blog this month: honoring you. Members will be hearing more about this. You love our tickets, our insurance, our sports tournaments, and many other benefits we provide for your membership. They are merely parts of the whole; the big picture is that we simply cannot celebrate you enough. It is our mission – it always was, and is now more than ever. That is why the Club exists. We are along for the ride to celebrate you in every way possible. You matter. Your careers matter.

Happy Summer!

¡Gracias por leer!