A Legend Who Built a Landmark

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

You know that when a Retiring employee has too many people wanting to talk to her before she leaves, she’s a legend.

That is what happened after Rose Watson at Rec and Parks called to suggest we should interview Belinda Jackson. Facing postponements due to her schedule, we decided to wait until after Belinda retired in March. Finally things slowed down for her, but just barely!

Belinda Jackson built the EXPO Center. By vision, mission and sheer will, she found people to help her and partners to pitch in, and together they created a rec center that energized a community and resurrected a neighborhood. Our excellent feature this month proves that difficult things can be done. That dreams can come true. That challenging childhoods can be made meaningful.

I will now think of Belinda whenever the Club hosts a sports tournament at EXPO Center, and be reminded once again that public service is immensely worthy of our celebration and honor.

From left: Trish Delgado, Executive Director, EXPO Center, Club Member; Belinda Jackson, Retired, Assistant General Manager, Rec and Parks; and Association CEO Robert Larios.

We thank Club Members Rose Watson for reaching out to us, and Trish Delgado, who replaced Belinda leading the EXPO Center, for arranging our tour.

Honoring Your Career

Retired Club Members, please sign up to receive your handsome and impressive Retirement Plaque. We love honoring you in this way! Frankly no one honors you as meaningfully as the Club does. Sign up if you are eligible. See page 11.

Also, I note the retirement of Laura Island, Rec and Parks, 36 years of City service. Laura was instrumental in establishing the groundbreaking PlayLA, which transformed youth sports in LA. She was on our August 2022 cover, and deservedly so. Congratulations, Laura!

Honoring You

Club Members – and all public employees – work hard, raise families, contribute to their communities and are the foundation that makes cities and states run. Civilizations would not be possible without you. You work for the people. That is why the Club works for you, to celebrate you and say out loud what often goes unmentioned: you matter. Honoring you is why the Club works hard every day to provide you with specially priced insurance products, tens of thousands of deals for your family, a claims service that takes care of you in your difficult moments, and so on. You deserve it; you deserve the Club.

Happy Summer!

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