Celebrating Retirees, Together

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

Associations can be known by their logos, their matching shirts, or other things. But the best ones are known by their people.

That comes to mind when I think of the Retired Los Angeles City Employees, Inc., or RLACEI. I have intersected with this engaged group since my first days at the Club 25 years ago.
I soon learned the Club and RLACEI have much in common as we serve Retired City employees.

Ed Harding, Tom Stemnock, Mary Beetz, Hal Danowitz, Americo Garza, Phil Orland, Mike Wilkinson, Phil Skarin, Neil Ricci … I thought about all of them and more as I stood in front of the joyous crowd at RLACEI’s 50th anniversary luncheon, grateful to have been asked to say a few words.

Club CEO Robert Larios with RLACEI President Ruth Perry (left) and RLACEI Vice President Beverly Clark at the RLACEI 50th anniversary party.

To that list I add Ruth Perry and Beverly Clark, worthy leaders now building RLACEI into the days ahead.

RLACEI and the Club practice our missions from different angles but from the same heart – serving those who have served the City so well. We salute you, RLACEI, and wish you a very bright future.

Stellar Service

Speaking of 50 years: 1973 also marked a milestone for Sgt. Richard Kanzaki, Retired, LAPD/Rampart. That year he began his long stint of service to Los Angeles. After he retired in 2011, he decided to continue right on serving as an LAPD Reserve Officer.

Sgt. Richard Kanzaki

This past May 19, Sgt. Kanzaki finally fully retired after 50 years of City service. With 30 years of that service performed at Rampart, the division threw him a retirement/retirement party. “Thank you for your service and leadership, Sarge,” the division wrote on its Facebook page. “Your Rampart family wishes you the best.” The Club completely concurs. Thank you, Sarge, for your incredible example of helping make LA great.

Adventures Return

Along with most of the world, our own Alive! Around the World – where Club Members photograph their copy of Alive! on their travels – has returned in a big way. I thank Jean Sarfaty, Shinetha Scott, Larry Campita, Norman Faner and Capt. Michael Barnes in this month’s issue for inspiring my own future adventures – London, Carlsbad, Namibia, South Africa and the Aegean. Beautiful images! Club Members: Bring your copy with you as you travel. You are our dreammakers!

Worth Considering

Choose to surround yourself with innovative thinkers and progressive minds instead of negative talkers and doubters. Surround yourself with people who add fuel to your fire and help you become an even better version of yourself!
Finally, I wish you and your families a meaningful Fourth of July. Fill your long summer days with relaxation and purpose.

¡Gracias por leer!