The Drive for Better Safety

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

Three years ago, Public Works/StreetsLA recommitted to public safety in a big, big way. It created the Commercial Vehicle Training Center to teach and certify its heavy equipment drivers. The center is an incredible and important place of intentional progress.

How serious is the center? Sometimes Alive! requests to move a few things to make for a better cover photo: We might nudge a shovel a foot or two, or ask a participant to remove sunglasses for a better portrait, that sort of thing.

But there was no moving the orange cones for this month’s cover, not even one inch. They are in their precise location required for state DMV certification.

The StreetsLA crew is totally committed to its renewed mission to make LA as safe as possible. We all benefit from that, and we cheer that loudly.

Thank you to Jerry Wolfe, Leo Chacón and Richard Gaytan for welcoming us!

From left: Richard Gaytan, Equipment Operator, Club Member, with CEO Robert Larios.

Applause, Please:

Leonor V. Garcia

Join me in sending major congratulations to Leonor V. Garcia, longtime Club Member and friend to the association, on her recent retirement from the LADWP after 34 distinguished years of City service. Leonor, who was a Management Analyst in LADWP’s Corporate Strategy and Communications Division, proved influential far beyond Water and Power. She was Vice President, Executive Secretary, Executive Secretary and Recruitment Chair during her 25-year voluntary career with the groundbreaking LA City Employees Chicano Association (LACECA); served as an Affirmative Action Association for Women (AAAW) Member; and was an LADWP Committee Chair. I anticipate a continued future between Leonor and the Club. Well done, Leonor! You are a legend.


A Reminder: We were delighted to receive an unexpected memorial to Michael Gene Dooner, a former Public Works/Street Services employee who recently passed away. This incredible essay in this month’s issue tells the story of a dedicated and hard-working City employee, and we are grateful to honor his memory. But more than that, a quote of his sticks with me. Gene used to say: “Anything less than right is wrong.” That is poignant and true. I send a warm thank-you to his niece, Lynette Smith, for giving us the honor of publishing it.

Worth Considering: To stay happy, don’t overthink – it’s a trap! Our thoughts can easily become overwhelming and lead us down the rabbit hole of negativity. Instead, practice living in the present moment to give yourself some much-needed mental clarity and peace of mind.

Happy Spring, everyone! Let us be grateful and enjoy.