The Future on the Roof

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

I am certain you have seen it … or at least the edges of it. It is right there above Main Street two blocks from the LAPD headquarters. Have you?

The structure is also near the Club headquarters, and we watched it being built panel by panel. While we watched, we planned on featuring the project in Alive! once it became operational.

But what were they building up there?

We found out. I speak of the LAPD’s first major solar array, a bold and award-winning look into the future of LA. It sits atop the LAPD Motor Transport Division’s headquarters. Building a major solar array atop this very important and busy building proved to be delicate surgery indeed!

The array already powers the building it sits above, with the excess power returned to the LADWP grid.

Robert Larios, Club CEO (right), talks about the LAPD Motor Transport Division’s solar array project with team leads (from left) Ingrid Reyes, Public Works/Engineering, Club Member; Leslie Herrig, LAPD; and Fidel Oñate, Public Works/Engineering.

In this month’s cover story, we focus on the City team that oversaw its beginning and completion – Fidel Oñate, Ingrid Sanchez, Leslie Herrig, Grace Hsieh and Michael Samulon. Through their different departments working hard together, they prepared Los Angeles for a responsible, more affordable and healthier energy future. We send our profound thanks and honor those who created the future on the roof. And now you know what it is.

Scholarship: I commend the Club’s Joannie Mukai Scholarship Committee – led with excellence by the Club’s Mariana Guevara – for its announcement to increase the number and amount of the stipends the Club will award to this year’s winners. The committee worked hard and found ways to give back even more; read the details in this issue and submit by the deadline. Well done, Committee!

Young Joseph Cornejo with Chermaine Fontenette

Friend-Making: As we anticipate the return of Sanitation and Environment’s popular open houses, we feature a story this month with the same spirit of customer service. Club Ambassador Chermaine Fontenette, RCTO, tells a wonderful story of making a special friend along her route in the East Valley. Thank you, Chermaine, for your generous spirit. I recommend Club Members check out this story; it might make your day. It did mine.

Worth Considering: To stay happy, don’t overthink – it’s a trap! Our thoughts can easily become overwhelming and lead us down the rabbit hole of negativity. Instead, practice living in the present moment to give yourself some much-needed mental clarity and peace of mind.

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