The Call to Help

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

Club Members might wonder how we develop our stories. This month provides an exceptional example.

Longtime Club Member Ivy Garnett, Supervisor of Transportation’s Communications unit, wrote to us last October about featuring her department in the paper and Website. That is a very good place for departments to begin – simply contact us, for we endeavor to please!

Coming up to the holidays as we were, we already had end-of-year content mapped in advance. And we have been careful to plan stories that are primarily inside, due to pandemic protocols. When conditions eased in the new year, we scheduled Ivy and her team.

Alive! tells stories that no one tells, of the good and exceptionally important tasks that City employees do every day. Many people are not cognizant that Transportation has its own dispatcher unit, answering calls from citizens and coordinating Traffic Officers on the street to ease traffic, parking and other issues. They do, and now you know their story. That is our mission, to tell of the good things you are accomplishing.

I am delighted Ivy reached out. You can too – simply write to me at, or use the forms on the Alive! Website. Either way, we will get back to you.

Speaking of Members submitting content, we appreciate Avak Keotahian, Legislative Analyst, City Council, for sending us the photo of the Retired Councilmembers at the memorial service for Pat Russell. That is an important image, and we are honored to publish it.

Retirement Roundup

We also congratulate true trailblazers LAPD Assistant Chief Beatrice Girmala and LAFD Battalion Chief Stacy Gerlich on their much-deserved retirements.

Mapping His Exit

I am at last getting a chance to wish a happy retirement to Glen Creason, who retired from the Library late last year. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with Glen and his famous maps when we featured his department in February 2016. You are an LA legend and icon, Glen. Thank you for your service.

From left: Robert Larios with Glen Creason, Librarian.

The Club proudly brings you the news of City employees every month. We do this to return value to our many Members and celebrate your lives. Please enjoy the beautiful springtime.
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