by Robert Larios, COO, The Club

Robert Larios

Who has been a little sedentary during the pandemic? Or more than a little sedentary? Your answer to getting moving again is in these pages.

Most every August, Alive! produces a “Summer in the City” story. For this month, the editorial team felt it was a good time to return to this series. (During the worst of the pandemic last August, we focused on Rec and Parks’ brand new Operations Center instead.) Angelenos are less restricted now (although not completely), and we wanted to present an avenue for your getting active again. The City’s trails – all free, of course – are an excellent way to do that.

What impressed me most in our Zoom interview was the variety of available trails. Most people know the ones around the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory, and of course Runyon Canyon for the Hollywood types looking to meet a director. But the City offers many hundreds of others. Ranger Sgt. Gary Menjuga and Ranger Bradley Rice talk about the great mix of hiking opportunities. No more excuses that a trail might be too hard! City trails are for all people, not just the washboard abs crowd. Take advantage of that mix to breathe and let it all out.

Thanks go to Ranger Capt. Sharie Abajian and Rose Watson for their assistance.

Boxer Manny Pacquiao with (from left) Rangers Bradley Rice, Joseph Fuentes, Sgt. Gary Menjuga and Ranger Sonya Sharp in Griffith Park.

A side note: When the Alive! team was photographing the Rangers for this story, a commotion stirred up – boxer Manny Pacquiao was hosting a social meet-up with his fans on the same trail. You never know who you will meet when telling the stories of City employees.

Moving on. The Club is always proud this time of year to introduce the winners of the Club’s Joannie Mukai Scholarship Program. These 28 form a truly impressive group of scholars. (Go to to read the stories about their achievements.) I commend them and their parents. I also send a word of thanks to the Club’s 2021 Scholarship Committee, chaired by Mariana Guevara with Noelle Kauffman, Guadalupe Lira and Summy Lam as collaborators. The committee worked hard to be fair, considerate and generous. Well done, team.

Until next month, I wish you and your family a successful end of summer. Be safe and be well. Gracias por leer.