by Robert Larios, COO, The Club

Robert Larios

Before I begin, I want to thank Club Members who enjoyed my first COO blog entry last month. You are welcome! It is good to give CEO John Hawkins a break after nearly 20 years of his valuable contributions in this space. 

Now to this month’s cover story. I’m certain many Club Members will agree it’s one of the most beautiful Alive! features we have produced in some time. We include General Services’ designers and builders in the compliments.

Reviewing this issue prior to publication made me realize a key part of the City Hall lighting program. Yes it is about outstanding art and technology; I expect nothing less from a world-class City. I believe, however, that it is about more than that. 

Club Director of Marketing Summy Lam photographing City Hall, April 14.

Lighting up City Hall in such a spectacular fashion is about showing the world who we are, and what we believe, as a City. The City can write press releases and position papers, which are necessary. However, those are not nearly as powerful as just one night of City Hall illuminated. The lighting events – to include our support of women’s suffrage, or gender pride, or the Lakers, or USC, or the victims in Beirut, or peace in all parts of the world, etc. – share our City soul with the world. Thanks to General Services’ India Griffin, Valerie Melloff, Eric Robles, Graham Harrison, Matthew Rocke and their teams for making it happen.

(I also want to mention Club Director of Marketing and ace photographer Summy Lam for standing on downtown sidewalks for hours while somehow avoiding protests at the LAPD headquarters for taking some spectacular images. That is an example of Club SUGAR, as we say in the office: unparalleled customer service.)

From left: Ruben Verduzco and Robert Larios, from the April 2017 Alive! story on the City’s elevator repair crew.

Other notes: Reading the long list of City Retirees, I want to mention Lupe Durazo, Personnel, who has been so helpful in our support of the Los Angeles Chicano Employees City Association (LACECA); and Ruben Verduzco, General Services, who gave us a wonderful story and tour of elevator operations in 2017. Enjoy your retirements, Lupe and Ruben.

As I write in late April, our City and our world are reopening. That can change, but I pray we are on a path out of the pandemic. The Club has never stopped serving you, our Members. As you grow more comfortable, take advantage of thousands of Club deals on food, travel, entertainment and Club gear, carefully managed by the Club’s Lupe Lira and Mariana Guevara.

Happy spring, y gracias por leer.