QUESTION OF THE MONTH: What are you looking forward to most this year?

By Robert Larios, Chief Operating Officer
TWITTER: @robertlarioscoo

Fellow City Employees answer the Question of the Month


“Enjoying life with Martha, family and friends.”
— Ed Harding, Retired, Public Works

“Spending more time working with nonprofits and the community groups I love.”
— Genevieve Santiesteban, Retired, Airports

“My oldest son is getting married in May and we are headed to Georgia!”
— Crista Binder, Airports

“ Living a stress-free life from now on!”
— Howard Gardner, Retired, DWP

“The family reunion we have once every other year in Houston.”
— Shannone Gauff, Airports

“Promoting to the next best position!”
— Mary Wall, Airports

“Watching my daughter grow and grow!”
— Vickie Remington, Airports

“Traveling to see my family in the Midwest and working on the hobbies I had little time for before retiring.”
— Stefanie J. Van Reyn, Retired, Airports

“Traveling! I just got back from skiing in Park City, Utah. Next is my 20th wedding anniversary in Fiji, then a grand tour of Europe later this year.”
— Karl Guder, Retired, General Services