QUESTION OF THE MONTH: What’s your advice to an employee on their first day?

By Robert Larios, Chief Operating Officer
TWITTER: @robertlarioscoo

Fellow City Employees answer the Question of the Month


What’s your advice to an employee on their first day?


“Listen to your instincts. Keep your mouth closed, look and listen.
Become the best at what you do.”
—Jesse Perez, Retired, DWP

“Don’t do the way I did it – the hard way!”
—Steve Durkee, Retired, Airports

“Be consistent and be the best version of yourself that you can be.”
—Ling Wang, Airports

“Be patient. Have peace of mind because money is not everything.”
— Linda Lesley, Harbor

“Be happy with your work, and do it with all your heart.”
— Maria Curry, Harbor

“Whatever and wherever your career takes you, make sure it involves your happiness. Stay happy!”
— John Curry, Harbor

“Don’t get too comfortable. Do things out of your comfort zone to get ahead. Know all there is about the City.”
— Leah Grossi, Airports

“Work safely, work hard and keep learning!”
— Richard P. David, DWP

“Do the things you like to do at your own pace and level. Always control the stress.”
— Mark Ishii, ITA

“Meet employees from all departments. Help them and they will help you. Learn, work hard and have your coffee every day.”
— Charles “Chuck” Rogers, Retired, DWP