QUESTION OF THE MONTH: What do you love most about California?

By Robert Larios, Chief Operating Officer
TWITTER: @robertlarioscoo

Fellow City Employees answer the Question of the Month


What do you love most about California?


“The sunshine and easy access to the beaches.”
— Lloyd Rein, Public Works/Contract Administration

“Considering all the record rain we have had, I used to love the sunny days.”
— Jenetta Adams, LAPD

“It’s why we all live here – the sunshine!”
— Ruth Perry, Retired, LACERS

“The rich diversity of people and cultures!”
— Phil Orland, Retired, Rec and Parks

“My top three: the beautiful City of Los Angeles, the Lakers and the Dodgers.”
— Liberato Galan, Public Works/Engineering

“Look around; it’s the natural beauty from the beaches, mountains,
deserts, cities and countrysides.”
— Alex Rabrenovich, LACERS

“It’s the best state to enjoy classic car shows!”
— Michael Holmes, Public Works/Street Services

“If you want to experience the world, just come to California. That’s why I love it here.”
— Miriam Cruz, Harbor

“If you like beaches and coastlines, you will love California just for that reason.
Among the most beautiful in the world.”
— Anthony Leonard, Public Works/Street Maintenance

“This could be the only state where you can experience any kind of recreation.”
— Deborah Leonard, Los Angeles County