QUESTION OF THE MONTH: What makes the Employees Club Coed Softball League so much fun?

By Robert Larios, Chief Operating Officer
TWITTER: @robertlarioscoo

Fellow City Employees answer the Question of the Month

What makes the Employees Club Coed Softball League so much fun?


“Great attitude by league, players, managers and the Club. Well organized. Awesome camaraderie. It’s fun, plain and simple. I’ve given up all the other leagues except for this one.”
—Javier Vera, Umpire,
Rec and Parks

“Meeting employees from other departments who are a lot younger than me helps me feel young.”
—Jordan Price, DWP

“Playing with friends and family! And a little exercise never hurt anyone.”
—Eugene P. Gandara,
Public Works/Sanitation

“As a new City employee, getting to know my teammates and those from
other teams is a natural way to network!”
— Brandon Wong, Transportation

“It’s fun to play with department employees; we get to share time away from work and bond with one another.”
— Brian Phan, Transportation

“We get very few opportunities to meet employees from other departments – this is a great venue to meet them.”
— Diamond Smith, Transportation

“Two things – the camaraderie, and reliving childhood fun while we’re at it.
— Raul Montenegro, DWP

“Sharing memories with co-workers in a competitive environment.”
— Rick Silva, DWP

“It gets us married men out of the house.”
— Rogelio Martinez, Public Works/Street Lighting

“The smiles and time shared with my co-workers is priceless.”
— Carlos Rodriguez, Transportation