QUESTION OF THE MONTH: What’s your all-time favorite movie?

By Robert Larios, Chief Operating Officer
TWITTER: @robertlarioscoo

Fellow City Employees answer the Question of the Month

“Crimson Tide.”
— Simone McDade, Retired, LAPD

“Backdraft, of course!”
— Capt. Danny Wu, LAFD, Club Board Member

“To Kill A Mockingbird”
— Phil Orland, Retired, Rec and Parks, Club Board Member

“Each of the Harry Potter movies!”
— Noelle Kauffman, Club Member Services Manager

Gone With the Wind – it’s super long but worth it!”
— Dolores Foley, DWP Retirees Association, Retired DWP

“The Godfather – which in some way explains my 57 years of marriage!”
— Vince Foley, DWP Retirees Association, Retired DWP

“I am not very big on films – sorry.”
— Vas Singh, Finance

“There’s no way I can choose just one.”
— Rose Hyland, Retired, Controller’s Office, Club Board Member

“When we have family get-togethers, everyone gets a kick out of Nacho Libre. We get pretty silly!”
— Jordan Price, DWP

“You’ve got to be kidding! I can’t remember one from another.”
— Marilyn Holley, Retired, Public Works, Club Board Member