The Club Works From Home


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We know many Club Members are considered essential workers and have continued working from your regular workplace. We honor you! Other City employees are able to work from home.

Under the City’s Safer at Home order, the Club immediately closed the headquarters and physical Club Store downtown and continued to work at home.

On social media, Club employees declared who they’re staying home for. Here are some of their portraits.

Families of Club Members, feel free to post your own with the hashtag

“I stay home so one day we can leave our house again!”
– Summy Lam, Director of Marketing

“I stay home for my elderly relatives and all of those who are still out there providing us with necessities!”
– Danny McAlinden, Sr. Accountant

“I stay home for the love of my family, and our family nurses.”
– Cheryl Martin, Club Counselor

“We stay home for our mom (Nani), who turns 87 today! Happy birthday, Rosalia!”
– Madeline Ramirez, Retired, DWP, posted the photo (above) of her mother, Rosalia Lopez Torresola, to the Club’s Facebook page.

“I stay home to flatten the curve.”
– Kelley Hawkins, wife of Club CEO John Hawkins


“We stay … home for … family.”
– Genesis Martinez-Flores, Customer Service Rep (from left); Angelica Zapata-Monge, Customer Service Rep; Megan Eckert, Tickets and Benefits Procurement Associate; and Rebecca Debolt, Data Processing Coordinator.

“I stay home for front-line workers, my family and our planet.”
– Guadalupe Lira, Club Store Manager

“I stay at home for the vulnerable population.”
– Aidan Sewell, Customer Service Rep


“I stay home for the world.”
– Monica Zamudio, Claims Administrator


“I stay home for those at risk.”
– Jacob Mendez, Customer Service Rep

“I stay home for Club Members.”
– Robert Larios, Club Chief Operating Officer

“I stay home for my grandmother.”
– Arlene Herrero, Vice President of Business Development

“I stay home for humanity!”
– DeAngelo Thompson, Club on Wheels

“I stay home for my best friend who is immuno-compromised.”
– Isaiah Hawkins, Customer Service Rep

“I stay home for [insert your name here]. Yes, we are all in this together!”
– Ronald Cortez, Assistant Quality Assurance Analyst

“We stay home for healthcare workers.”
– Citlali Bon IT Coordinator, and Edith Bon-Sanchez, Data Processing Coordinator