Scenes From a Pandemic: PART 2


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Scenes From a Pandemic: PART 2

Alive! continues its documentation of City employees as they take a multitude of measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and keep LA safe. (The first part was in our April 2020 issue.) Here are entries from the Club and the City social media feeds about City Employees and Club Members at work during this trying time.


“For the safety of all Angelenos we’ve deactivated pedestrian push signals starting in neighborhoods with high pedestrian activity so that crosswalks have automatic walk cycles. Look out for these new signs in locations where this change is in effect.”

— April 16



“Thank you @TzuChiUSA for the generous donation of surgical masks, gloves, and sanitizers for our Officers. #PracticeSocialDistancing #CommunityPartnership #StayStrong #ServingTheAviationCommunity #LAXPD #AirportPolice”

—Airport Police, April 4

Airports created and displayed a series of signs for travelers describing the department’s efforts to keep them safe and protected.

— At LAX, April 3



Taking its place among local institutions, Los Angeles Public Library offered backgrounds for Zoom conference calls. Download them here:


City Council

“This weekend my Field Deputy Angel Izard volunteered with Urban Partners Los Angeles to help distribute groceries. Every Saturday, doors are open from 7-12pm for food distribution to vulnerable seniors and are in need of volunteers. Sign up at:”

— Councilmember Paul Koretz, March 30


Convention Center

“Our Medical Relief Center at @ConventionLA will begin receiving patients next week to ease the burden on local hospitals. Thank you to @LAFD, @LAPDHQ, @CAL_FIRE, @CalGuard, @CountyofLA, our state partners and healthcare professionals for leading these operations.”

— Mayor/Convention Center, April 6



“Acting Navy Secretary @SECNAV met with Los Angeles Councilman @JoeBuscaino, #PortofLA Executive Director Gene Seroka and @LAPortPolice Chief Tom Gazsi onsite at the @USNavy #USNSMercy hospital ship for an overview of the City’s @COVID19 preparedness measures.”

— March 31



“LACERS members come first! Even with Covid-19 keeping everyone sheltered in place, the LACERS board does not stop conducting business for our members’ sake. Yeah … virtual board meetings.”

— Annie Chao, March 26



“250 lbs. of pure heart. Officer Nick Ferara has been using his own money to buy food for those in need. ‘Every time I see someone who’s over 60 I think of my parents, and I wonder, if I had an Officer help my parents, what would I want that Officer to do.’ We are in this together.”

— LAPD HQ, April 2

“Delivering groceries to our community.”

— LAPD Mission Station, April 17


Mayor’s Office

“We created LA Protects because saving lives is our #1 mission during this crisis. Our new partnership with universities & companies to 3D print materials for medical workers is part of that mission. We’re doing everything we can to keep doctors & nurses safe as they save lives.”

— April 5


Public Works/Sanitation

“50 trailers were dropped off at Hansen Dam from Northern Calif. to be used for our unsheltered Angelenos. @LACitySAN staff came out over the weekend to help relocate 50 of them.”

— March 31



“City Planning Director Vince Bertoni participated in a panel discussion facilitated by @ulilosangeles earlier today. He outlined how City Planning has adapted operations during #COVID19 to support LA’s economic growth and to bring more #housing.”

— April 16


Public Works/Street Services

“StreetsLA has now approved operational plans for 24 #FarmersMarkets, to help prevent the spread of covid19. See the list at Eat well and stay #SaferAtHome.”

— April 1