Building Our First House

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

We created Alive! in October 2002 to tell the stories of the good things that City employees do every day. And in the nearly 22 years since, somehow we have never featured the critically important Housing Dept. on our cover.

The last few months we focused on ending that oversight. You can read the result of that effort in our cover story.

Welcome to our first big story on the LAHD. The department with many Club Members has changed its name over the recent years, but it is now solidly Housing. The LAHD.

It is fitting that we use our first LAHD story to cover a pressing issue in our City (and seemingly every city) – not enough affordable housing. Those confrontations are addressed building by building, unit by unit, person by person and family by family by the incredibly patient and hard-working LAHD Housing Inspectors (and others, of course). Inspectors represent both sides – tenants and landlords – and follow the codes that dictate the rules of the game.

From left: LAHD’s Karen Baggio, Kristine Ritzke and Xanat Rosas with Alive! editor John Burnes at the department’s public counter in Echo Park.

Their real stories from the field give a historic record of what is happening in Los Angeles. We thank Club Members Karen Baggio and Xanat Rosas, and Kristine Ritzke for sharing their stories and giving us their time during these busy months; and Sharon Sandow for facilitating our production. 

Do you have a story idea for Alive!? Let me know!

Sailing Into Congratulations

Congratulations and a profound thank-you are due to all those honored at the LAFD’s 2023 Valor awards, for conduct beyond the call of duty by LA’s finest Firefighters. The stories are inspiring! (We thank the LA Fire Dept. Foundation for the information.) And further high-fives go to the all-female sailing team organized by the Harbor Dept. for winning the TPM24 Regatta and Yacht Race. (Thanks to Rachel Campbell for the tip.)

More Fun Around the World

Last month we enjoyed Andrew Ko’s adventures when a deer ate his copy of Alive! Not to be outdone, this month we laugh with Pablo Ninofranco, whose copy got drenched. Send in your own! (It is perfectly acceptable if your copy stays whole and dry.)

Worth Considering

In every moment, find something to be thankful for. It’s those little bits of gratitude that stitch together the vast tapestry of our lives. The small joys? Hold onto them tight. One day, you’ll see they were the giants.

Enjoy the beautiful springtime!

¡Gracias por leer!