Friendship Is the Best Journey

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

Earl Rodgers first wrote to Alive! in 2018 to submit photos to our fun “Alive! Around the World” section. But this was different; this was a group.

His submission chronicled the adventures of he and his friends from the LADWP – the Dirty Dozen, as they were then known, traveling the world. We could clearly see they were having great fun; we have been thinking about featuring the team, now the Cali Passport Posse, since then. But then there was a pandemic, and other feature stories got in the way, so to speak.

No longer. Our cover story this month is all about them, and we’re so happy to catch up while they’re in one place. It is not easy!

I see there are three takeaways from the Cali Passport Posse: One, send us your travel photos holding Alive!, just like Earl did. We love seeing them! Two: Don’t forget about the tens of thousands of discount deals the Club provides for you. We save you money every day. Get in the habit of sampling the prices. It’s real value for you.

CEO Robert Larios with the CPP at a rare moment – when they’re not traveling!

And three: They are living the lives they want to live, with the people they want to live it with. They are laughing and feeling young. Friends make life better. It is that simple. They are an inspiration to us, and we hope for you, too.

Oh Deer

Speaking of “Alive! Around the World,” we have enjoyed Members taking their copies in some incredible places, including under water and the top of Mount Everest. But I do not recall any where their copy was literally being eaten! That is what Andrew Ko, LAPD, experienced in Japan. See it for yourself on page 20. I love it!

Women’s History Month

As March is Women’s History Month, I want to take a moment to thank Guadalupe Lopez Torres, City Attorney’s Office, Club Member. She asked us to mention a special nonprofit downtown – the Downtown Women’s Center, which works with City and County agencies to help unhoused women to get off the street. Through our own “People We See,” that is a cause we care a lot about. If Club Members are looking for a charity to support, consider the Downtown Women’s Center. 

Worth Considering

Here’s to channeling positive energy for health, a stress-free mindset, epic opportunities, financial independence, and hearts brimming with joy. This month, let’s crush it with real happiness and success that breaks the ceiling!

As we await spring, I wish you a grounded character but a traveling heart. 

¡Gracias por leer!