Looking Our Best

by Robert Larios, CEO, The Club

Robert Larios

I craned my neck a lot a few weeks ago!

That was when we visited City Hall with the restoration team. When you read our cover story this month, you’ll see why. Wow, the spectacular art!

I have been to City Hall hundreds, most likely thousands of times, as have many or most of you. Tell me: Did you know the amount – and beauty – City Hall contains? We show you just a slice, and it is vast.

From left: Project Restore’s John McNeil and Kevin Jew (both Club Members) and Robert Larios, in front of restored tile at City Hall.

That art – installed for the opening of City Hall, in 1928 (our very own Los Angeles City Employees Association was born that year, as well) – tells a very important story of a growing Los Angeles incredibly confident of its future. We can gaze upon it now and feel the optimism. I offer a suggestion: We can feed from that same spirit. For that reason, and others, I recommend you pay another visit to our magnificent City Hall, and … look up. It is truly the best of us.

Much of the restoration work is performed under the direction of Project Restore. But just as importantly, we are honored to showcase the day-in, day-out hard work of General Services, a vital partner as City Hall’s facility manager. As GM and Club Member Tony Royster points out in this month’s interview, the department’s important work often goes unnoticed. Alive! is delighted to ensure that work gets the attention it deserves.

Looking Our Best, Part II

Speaking of looking our best, I pass along kudos to the strong work of photographer (and Club COO) Summy Lam and Alive! designer David Jamgotchian and his team – what a magnificent and beautiful feature they produced. Gorgeous!


Our annual feature on Club Valentines is a treat for many Club Members, and that includes me. Your response this year is impressive … and they are still coming in. Happy Valentine’s Day, Club Members!

One of Alive!’s eight cover stories on the LAPD crime lab.

One Hundred Years

Congratulations and happy anniversary wishes are due to the LAPD and its stellar crime lab. We were honored to have produced eight cover stories over the years on your amazing facility. Thank you for keeping us safe.

Worth Considering

Have you ever experienced the magical phenomenon where a silver lining emerges from a dark cloud? Trust. The. Process. Wake up every day with the thought that something awesome is about to happen.


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