Alive! presents one of our most popular annual features – Club Valentines. Enjoy… and happy Valentine’s Day!

“My Valentine’s gift forever – my family.”

Avis Ridley-Thomas, Retired, City Attorney


“To my lovely daughter, Alexis. You were always your Daddy’s best girl. His love is with you every day, as is mine.”

Barbara Hartsfield, Transportation



“Sharing another wonderful Valentine’s Day with Mi Reina, Maria. February has been a special month for us. We hosted a Super Bowl for our closest friends and celebrated Maria’s Big 70.”

Ralph Esparza, Housing




“Me and my love, 20 years and going …”

Juan Garcia, LA Police Commission



“When any trouble comes in at home, all members take it as their own. This is called Bambao love. Home. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Irish Bambao, DWP



“With ‘Khin Soe,’ my lovely wife and my Valentine forever.”

Ismael Nanabawa, Airports



“Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. You and I are what love is
supposed to be like. You make every day a special one. Te amo.”

Officer Jorge Gonzalez, LAPD



“My God-kids and me eating at Hole Mole on taco Tuesday. Next stop Thrifty’s for their favorite ice cream.”

Patricia Eskridge, Retired, LAPD



Happy Valentine’s Day to you Cyn. I hope you have an amazing day and enjoy your special gifts. 

Jason Ellick, Caltrans 



“You are a gift that is picture perfect! All my love, your soul mate!”

Brian Szramowski, Public Works



“Drunk with love … your beauty is enough to take my breath away. Would you PLEASE be my Valentine! Alive and well with my soul mate!”

Brian Szramowski, Public Works



Here’s to us on Valentine’s Day and to many more… love you always…

Virgle Benson, General Services 



“Happy Valentine’s Day to my dear heart! I love you and the life we’ve built together with God.”

Valerie Nettles, Economic/Workforce Dev.



“To my forever Valentine.”

Peggy LeGras, Airports




“Happy Valentine’s Day, my love bug.”

Briseida Perez-Gomez, DMH, LA County



“My Lyli Pad, I adore you beyond words. Every man needs a good woman, and God has blessed me with you.”

Erik Munoz, City of LA



“Happy Valentine’s Day to my two heartbeats. I love you forever.”

Kimberly Clarke, Rec and Parks




“Happy Valentine’s Day. We’ve been together more than 20 years! Thank you for all your love and support. I love you very much! Happy birthday, Ella!”

Rick Davis, City of LA



“Mi Amor, my dream for love came true when I met you. I can’t wait to grow old with you; the best is yet to come. True love stories never have endings.”

Eric Wilson, DWP



“Happy pre-Valentine’s Day to both my sweethearts. You bring color to my life. Happy post-Valentine’s Day to both my loves. You provide the beauty in my life.”

Rodney Bernaldo, Public Works/Sanitation


“I love you every day, not just on Valentine’s Day.”

Sonia Galan, Transportation



“Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband, my love!”

– Christal Jones, Retired, DWP



“I would ask you to be my Valentine, but that’s a rhetorical question: You’re my husband. You have no choice! LOL.”

Alysea Thompson, Public Works



“Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful wife, Vanessa. You are the love of my life.”

Chris Bustamante, LAFD




“Life is one big adventure; it does not matter where you are, it’s who you are with that counts. With my wife, Rebecca, at my side, it definitely won’t be a Lonely Planet.”

Capt. Michael Barnes, Retired, Harbor




“The Burrells … a power couple till the end! I love us.”

Ella Burrell, LAPD



“Happy Valentine’s Day to my loves – Eddie, Mia and Gema!
Love you always.”

– Vanessa Lopez, Finance





“Riding into retirement with my forever Valentine.”

Charlette Starkey, Personnel


“To Mom, my original Valentine: Thank you for making me who I am!”

– John Hawkins, Club CEO


“Ma chère Kelley, la vie est une aventure avec toi. Je t’aime pour toujours.”

– John Hawkins, Club CEO



“Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. Thank you for being you.”

James Andrade, Airports



“Happy Valentine’s Day to Tyce, 8; Leyla, 11; Kiara, 12; and my wonderful wife, Makiko. I love you with all my heart.”

Eric Yoshida, DWP



“Seventeen years together and going strong.
I love you, Benny Booboo. I want a chicken burrito. LOL.”

Carlos Rubio, Rec and Parks



“You never fail to bowl me over. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

John Burnes, editor, Alive!



“To the woman of my dreams, my beautiful wife, Michellene: I love you with all my heart! Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!”

Franklyn Sugiyama, DWP


“Happy Valentine’s Day to my two – soon to be three – loves. Joe, Cruz and Micah, you have my whole heart and are everything to me.”

Jeanette Gadut, Club Counselor



“Derek and Rosemarie Deach, celebrating 27 years of marriage Feb. 13.”

Derek Deach, DWP 



“Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful wife, Megan! I couldn’t
imagine falling more in love with you than I was in this photo
during our first Valentine’s Day together in 2015. But somehow
I found a way. You are my whole world and make me so happy!”

Ike Dodson, California Dept. of Corrections 



“Happy anniversary and Valentine’s Day! You will forever be my teddy bear. Love you, Sergio!”

April Contreras-Crespo, Library



“To my Valentine LAPD Officer Evan Houser, with love from your future Wastewater Operator wife.”

Jessica Lee, Club Wife



“Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful wife, Stefani. I love you XOXO.”

Jeff Lecce, Rec and Parks



“Spreading love virus to all!”

Corleto Manuel, Building and Safety



“Cesar, let’s continue our adventures together!
I love you and am grateful for all the love.”

Claudia De Léon, Library



To  a wonderful woman, who has been my rock since day one.
I love you, and thank you for being solid with me;
thank you for being you; thank you for loving me unconditionally.

– Azibo Richardson, State of Calif., CDCR



The Love of my life, my rock for 18 years.

– Mike



To the most perfect daughters a father can have!!!
Love you both, keep doing you.
Izzy, there is no favorite!!!
Love your father!!!! 

– Brian Szramowski, PW



To my family, you are all my special Valentines. I love you all.

– Alajandro Perez-Torres 



Through the darkness and into the light together. Love you, Ricky!

– Teresa Mayer, DOT



Happy Valentine’s Day, Monstro!

– Hugo Sanchez, General Services