Alive! presents one of our most popular annual features – Club Valentines. Enjoy… and happy Valentine’s Day!

“Happy 30th anniversary! To the love of my life!”

– Derek Deach, LADWP



“This year it will be our 10th anniversary! Henry and I met in 1993 when we were teenagers and reconnected 10 years ago once we both had careers and businesses. Life partners.”

– Valeria Aleman, LAPD



“If this is a dream, I never want to wake up. You are truly the definition of a woman – strong, sassy, independent and smart. I love you beyond measure.”

– Motor Officer Jorge Gonzalez, LAPD




“My wife, Cleo, and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary last May 5 in Honolulu.”

– Delio Jacildo, Retired, Building and Safety




“To a wonderful life with you my love. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

– Lisa Diaz, Personnel





“Happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend and love of my life!”

– Bruce Leitch, Retired, Airports




“Happy Valentine’s Day, Linda! Thank you for all you do for our family. Sending you lots of love every single day! I love you always! Love, Charlie.”

– Charles Garcia, Retired, Public Works/Street Maintenance




“Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful fiancé! God blessed me with you, and I am eternally grateful. I can’t wait to celebrate tonight with you. Te amo!”

– Erik Munoz, Public Works/Engineering




“To the two ladies who are too good to be true. Happy Pre-Valentine’s Day and Happy Post-Valentine’s Day. I love you, my sweethearts.”

– Rodney Bernaldo, Public Works/Sanitation




“I am that lucky lady who found a best friend and a husband in the same person. Happy Valentine’s Day. Thanks for always being my ride-or-die. Love you.”

– Alysea Thompson-Reliford, Public Works/Sanitation



“Happy Valentine’s to my beautiful wife!”

Joe Chale, LAPD




“Happy Valentine’s Day! My favorite team!”

– John Burnes, Alive! editor



“My forever Valentine. Since 2000.”

 Karina Melendez, LAPD




“Since the first day we met, you have always been my Valentine. Love you, Susan.”

– Lorenzo Sandoval, Probation, LA County



“Happy Valentine’s Day to my parents, John and Linda Kauffman. Married more than 40 years, they are the most beautiful example of true love, lifetime partners, and best friends.”

– Noelle Kauffman, Club Director of Sales




“To my best friend – thank you for each adventure shared together!
Thank you for the person you are, and for making my world better!
I love you!”

– Sue Manzo, LAFD




“Happy Valentine’s Day, Chula!”

– Marco Gonzalez, Public Works/Sanitation



“To my lovely wife, Maria: Since the day we met you have been a gift from God. Happy Valentine’s Day every day for a lifetime.”

– Carl Holmes, Rec and Parks



“Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to express all my love and appreciation for my amazing wife – Patty! Each day, I am so grateful for her presence in my life – she brings joy, kindness and wisdom far beyond what words can describe. Thank you for being by my side!”

– Robert Larios, Club CEO




 “Thank you for a wonderful 26 years of marriage. Words cannot express my love for you. I look forward to creating more memories!”

– Candice Arnold, LADOT




“Thinking of you with lots of love.”

– Sonia Galan, LADOT




“Ma chére Kelley, rester à la maison ou voyager vers
des destinations lointaines, la vie est toujours une
aventure avec tu!
Joyeuse Saint Valentin!”

– John Hawkins, Association CEO




“To Mom, my first Valentine: Thank you for teaching me what
matters and how to live!”

– John Hawkins, Association CEO



“First crush at 11, married at 31. Never, never, never give up. Though we were both busy with our lives and got lucky to find each other again later.”

– Thomas Wyatt, Public Works/Engineering



“I am blessed to have a beautiful and loving woman to care for and to be loved by in return. You have never looked more sexy!”

– Brian Szramowski, LADWP



“Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life, Avid!”

– Noelle Kauffman, Club Director of Sales



“Morty is the best Valentine ever – so loyal, fun and hard-working.”

– K9 Officer Craig Cdebaca, Airport Police



“More than 50 years ago, I found my angel in the City of Los Angeles. Here we are still living that dream together. ‘Yes we can.’ Love is the glue.”

– Sgt. Jesse J. Oliver, Retired, Airport Police




“Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband and father-to-be!”

– Jessica Lee, Public Works




“To my fiancé, my best friend, my travel companion, and my bar-hopping buddy … I love you. I can’t wait to share the rest of my life with you!”

Officer Diego Bracamontes, LAPD




“Thank you, Jesus, for blessing me with Ms. Ralph, the most beautiful Valentine in my life for 48 years. RIP, ‘my queen.’”

– Ray Garcia, LADWP



“My love and I were engaged on Valentine’s Day two years ago, and the two of us married on Twos-Day 2/22/22 at 2:22 p.m.”

– Moniquea McKee-Young, Public Works/Sanitation




“My wife was sent from heaven, so I am not alone on this earth. Together, we built our own universe. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

– Antonio Oushana, LADWP




“Happy Valentine’s, my love!”

– Edward Santillan, Retired, General Services




“Each year is a new adventure with you. This year is no different. Words cannot express my love for you in my life, all that you are, and all that u do.”

– QueJonne Cross, Personnel, Club Ambassador




“Happy Valentine’s Day, honey! I love you.”

– Jose Esqueda, Public Works/Sanitation




“Happy Valentine’s Day to my rock, my heart, my soul, and the
love of my life. So happy to spend forever with you, Grace.
Love you always.”

– Daniel Tapia, LADWP




“Congratulations to the future bride and groom! – Jamaal Avilez, CAO, Ontario Airport, and Carolyn Nelson, EAA, Airports”

 – Margie Schmeda, Airports




“Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! Nineteen years and counting!”

– Gordon Dupree, Rec and Parks




“Happy Valentine’s Day, Corazón. Thank you for your unconditional love. I am lucky to have you in my life! I love you always!”

– Beverly Monroy, LADWP




“I love my wife very much, Teesha Lucas. She is my best friend. She means the world to me. We have been married for five years. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

– Patrick Lucas, Airports




“My beautiful wife, Michellene: I love you with all my heart!”

– Franklyn Sugiyama, LADWP




“Thank you for being my best friend and partner in life.”

– Evelin Moreno, ITA




“This is us on vacation in Hawaii. He is my husband and adventure partner. I am so lucky to have him in my life. I love you, Sweetie.”

– Traci Quiroz, Building and Safety




“Happy Valentine’s Day to the one who has the key to my heart.”

– Chermaine Fontenette, Public Works/Sanitation, Club Ambassador