Alive! presents one of our most popular annual features – Club Valentines. Enjoy… and happy Valentine’s Day!

“My wife Cleo and I have been married for 55 years and are blessed to have a daughter and a son and four grandchildren.”

– Delio Jacildo, Retired, Building and Safety



“Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. Ten years of friendship that turned into love. I truly, madly, deeply love you.”

– Maria Gambino, LAPD



“Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life. Finding you, falling in love with you, and marrying you have been some of my greatest accomplishments.”

Juan Valenzuela, Building and Safety




“Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful wife, who is a caring and giving person.”

– Thomas Godoy, Retired, LADWP




“Happy Valentine’s Day to the best girl ever! Love u more!”

Michael Iniguez, LADWP





“God sent you to me just when I needed you!”

Selenia Garcia, Building and Safety




“Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweetheart as we celebrate the beginning of the teenage years of the relationship with more fun memories and adventures!”

Constance Chang, Public Works




“Happy wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day.
Forty years together. Love is in the air.”

Elliott Porter, Rec and Parks




“I am truly blessed to spend my life with you. I love you with all my heart today, tomorrow and always. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.”

Franklyn Sugiyama, LADWP




“My favorite Valentine is my grandson. He’s the most caring and loving person. Grandma loves you.”

Debbie Ferrer, Retired, LADWP




“Happy Valentine’s to a loving husband and wonderful father!
We love you, Yosef.”

– Nancy Argueta, LAPD




“Happy 27th Valentine’s Day with the love of my life.”

Lisa Wiley, LADWP




“Happy Valentine’s Day to the loves of my life. Lots of love from Mom/Grammy.”

Terri Winfield, Public Works




“Happy Valentine’s Day, Tiff (my mini-me). Love, Mom.”

Terri Winfield, Public Works




“To the love of my life.”

David Orduno, Retired, Rec and Parks




“Thank you for always loving me the way you do!”

Elena Sousa for John Sousa, Airport Police




“Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!””

Edward Santillan, for Vanessa Santillan, Finance




“Happy 50th Valentine’s Day to my high school sweetheart.”

Cindy Miranda, Retired, Harbor




“Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life!”

Officer Valentine Umana, LAPD




“Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful fiancé. I love you more
than you’ll ever know.”

Jaquine James, LADOT




“To the love of my life for more than 40 years – thanks for all the memories we had and the new ones we will make.”

Rhonda Brown, LAPD




“Happy Valentine’s Day, Babi! It’s our third Valentine’s Day together. Can’t wait for our 30th Valentine’s Day together!”

Officer II Diego Bradamontes, LAPD




“To Mom, my first Valentine: Thank you for teaching me what
matters and how to live!”

– John Hawkins, Club Founder and Training Officer



“To many more Valentines together!”

Bryan Granados, LAPD




“Happy Valentine’s Day, Patty. I love doing life with you. The things we do, and the things we see will be etched in my life forever. I love you!”

– Richard Gallegos, Street Services, LA County




“SPAR-ring or courting, we make a great pair. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

– John Burnes, Alive! editor



“Thank you for all your love.”

– Motor Officer Carlos Arroyo, LADWP




“Sixteen years strong. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Jansen Hodge, Personnel




“Happy Valentine’s Day to our mom and dad. You are the most beautiful example of love. We love you so much! Love, Kristin, Noelle and Neil”

Noelle Kauffman, Club Director of Sales




“Love you always, and thanks for all you do for our family!”

Evelin Moreno, ITA




“Regardless of the season, I love my two Sweethearts. Happy Pre-Valentine’s Day. Happy Post-Valentine’s Day. Your Papa and Your RDawg always.”

Rodney Bernaldo, Public Works/Sanitation



“Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful wife, Linda! Thank you for all the wonderful years together, and may we have many more! Love you.”

Charles Garcia, Retired, Public Works




“To my Cupid in disguise: My one, my all, my love. I couldn’t have asked for more. Eternally yours.”

Jess Rodriguez, City Attorney’s Office




“You are my love and my life.”

Selene Aguirre, LAPD




“This year I got to wish a Happy Valentine to my beautiful wife! It’s such a blessing to have you as my partner in life. God bless you, Amor.”

Erik Munoz, Public Works




“Happy Valentine’s Day to my little family! To my husband, cheers to our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.”

Candace Velasco, LADWP




“Happy Valentine’s Day, my forever Valentines! To amo con toda,
mi alma!”

Erika Carrillo, Airports




“Happy Valentine’s Day to the most beautiful woman I know.”

 – Caesar Castelo, ITA




“Dear Ralph: I love you as my wife and beautiful queen here on earth for 48 years. Now Jesus is taking care of you until I catch up to you once again.”

Ray Garcia, LADWP




“I wanna dance with somebody. To my Valentine.”

Juliet Gagar-Richards, Retired, Public Works




“You will always be my little Valentine, Hannah.”

John Hawkins, Club Founder and Training Officer




“Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to express all my love and appreciation for my amazing wife – Patty! Each day, I am so grateful for her presence in my life – she brings joy, kindness and wisdom far beyond what words can describe. Thank you for being by my side!”

Robert Larios, Club CEO




“I am attracted to you like the moon’s attracted to the earth, and I will keep circling you forever.”

Chermaine Fontenette, Public Works/Sanitation, Club Ambassador




“A mis increíbles padres, Carmen y Rafael, ¡Feliz día de San Valentín! Su altruismo y devoción por brindarnos la mejor vida posible es verdaderamente incomparable. Las palabras no pueden expresar el inmenso amor que tenemos por ustedes dos.”

Robert Larios, Club CEO




“Happy Valentine’s Day to my fiancé, Avid. Life with you is the greatest gift. I love you forever. Love, Noelle” 

Noelle Kauffman, Club Director of Sales



“Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day, Amy. You’re the best wife I could ever ask for.”

Joseph Diaz, General Services




“Las amo, BFFs!”

Cecilia Manzo, LADWP



“Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!”

Cecilia Manzo, LADWP




“Happy Valentine’s, Danielle Roehm. Grandma Noemi loves you lots.”

– Noemi Garcia, Retired, LAPD




“Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband.”

Lisa Edwards, Retired, General Services




“Twenty-five years of happiness.”

Minerva Gutierrez, Airports




“My husband, Mike, of 31 years is not only my partner, lover and best friend, he’s my miracle and hero. He has beaten cancer not once but twice.”

Roberta Rocha-Ayala, Retired, General Services




“Happy Valentine’s to the perfect wife and best friend … and many more years to come. Love you, Susana Ramirez.”

Max Ramirez, Public Works/StreetsLA




“Happy Valentine’s, Honey! Get ready to celebrate at Trani’s Dockside Station.”

Jeff Lecce, Rec and Parks




“My wife is my favorite person in the world. Nineteen years together and a lifetime to go! Happy Valentine’s Day to my forever Valentine!”

Chauntel Martin, Building and Safety




“My Valentine.”

Ismael Nanabawa, Retired, Airports




“‘All you need is love’ – the Beatles.”

Jacqueline Cervantes, LAPD




“Happy Valentine’s Day, Amor. I am happy to have you in my life. Wouldn’t have it any other way, Pookie.”

Elizabeth Brenes, Rec and Parks, LA County




“Happy Valentine’s Day to my all!”

Marc Angelo Canete, LADWP




“Been loving you for 45 years.”

Michael Tolliver




“I am very lucky to have been married to my Valentine, Ron, for 31 years! We’ve become great travel partners since my retirement.
Love you, my sweetheart.”

Jean Sarfaty, Retired, LAPD




“Joshua. My partner. My best friend. I’d marry you over and over again. Forever yours, Cynthia.”

Cynthia Salas, LAPD




“Ishtar, my partner in life, my love and universe in human form!”

Antonio Oushana, LADWP




“Retirement has blessed me with my little Valentine, who lovingly calls me Atu. She’s the cutest little Valentine that any Atu could ever be blessed with.”

Luis Castillo, Retired, LADWP




“Just as beautiful today as she was the first time I was blessed with the vision of this little angel! One of my favorite photos. Love you, Baby.”

Brian Szramowski, Public Works




“Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful wife, Lorena. I love you!”

Ryan Theroux, LADWP




“U made me so happy, my little prince.”

Gloria Reyes, LADWP




“To my beloved Leo husband, thanks for our 43 years of marriage. May God continue to bless our love and commitment. Love always, your wife, Yvette.”

Yvette Ruiz, Dept. of Health Services, LA County