Scenes From a Pandemic: PART 1


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Entries from the Club and the City Twitter feeds about City Employees and Club Members working to combat the coronavirus in LA:


“Today I joined @UFLAC President Freddy Escobar to assist with the administration of the first mobile public COVID-19 tests in our City. @MayorOfLA asked your @LAFD to step up during this unprecedented crisis and we did. I would never ask by FFs to do something I wouldn’t do myself.”

— LAFD Chief Ralph Terrazas

Public Works/Contract Administration

“At this time I am working from home. I handle the payroll from my department, which is very essential and crucial! Not many life-staging skills but my emergency duties are to be ready to be assigned to a different department if help is needed. It is on a day-to-day basis.“I never thought we would be going through anything like this! Unfortunately, we have no control over the situation, but all we can do is stay positive through it all. I am blessed I have good health and a job that supports me working from home. I have the essentials I need to do my work to maximum capacity.”

— Shannone Gauff, 14 years of service to the City of Los Angeles, Club Member, shared with Club staffer Monica Zamudio, March 20



“My partner and I are still out there protecting Angelenos. We still do this with a smile on our face, a positive attitude and sometimes a sense of humor. It’s difficult times for everyone, public servants included, but the job must go on and we want people to feel safe and bring positivity and where we can. Yet, if people wanna take a ride with me to the “greybar hotel,” I’ll be happy to take them.”

— Officer III Christian Costales, with Officer II Pat Azurin (back), West Valley Community Police Station, shared with Club Vice President Arlene Herrero, March 20



“You might see LAPD Officers out and about in our utility uniforms. Officers have been given the option to wear these instead of the traditional uniform because of their wash-and-wear capabilities, vs. taking uniforms to the dry cleaners! Just 1 way we are adapting to #COVID19.”

— From LAPD Hollywood Division Twitter feed, March 20



“As First Responders during this World Wide crisis, this is our dinner table when everything is closed. Fear not, we will be back doing the same thing tomorrow to keep you safe and healthy.”

— Sgt. Gordon Helper on his Twitter feed, March 21


“LAPD’s finest at their lunch table. Central Recreation Center @LAParks. @LAPDNewton has an amazing team of Officers making sure that the community is safe. @LAPDCaptMorales”

— Sr. Lead Officer Helper’s Twitter feed, March 24



“When Lt. says COVID-19 isn’t a good enough reason to cancel crime control. #SocialDistancing”

— LAPD Transit Services Division Twitter feed, March 24


Two badges. One says Firefighter. The other says Police Officer. A couple with a common cause – protecting and serving during this #COVID19 pandemic. They’re grateful to get a quick break to FaceTime each other – the City is grateful for their service.”

— LAPD HQ Twitter feed, March 25



“The new selfie. Doing our best to social distance at the VCDC.”

— Capt. Dave Storaker on his Twitter feed, March 26


LAPD and Transportation

“Yesterday he was a DASH bus operator, and they were LAPD Detectives. But this is an ‘all hands on deck’ moment for our City. Today they make up a team of public servants helping to get some of our City’s vulnerable to temporary shelters. We are in this together.”

— LAPD HQ Twitter feed, March 26