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• PANDEMIC: The City Responds
• The Club Is Calling Every Retired Member
• Scenes From a Pandemic
• Your Fellow City Employees Need Help
• Caring for Club Members
• Share Your Story

Share Your Story

The Club wants to know how you’re keeping the City safe during this historic moment of fighting COVID-19, the coronavirus.

What’s your story? What are you doing (or have done) to keep the City running? It could be part of your team’s emergency response, or your emergency duty, or your personal stories. It’s all important.

Please share with us:

— your dept./division’s emergency duties

— your emergency duties

— your personal stories

We’ll publish your eyewitness account and your stories in Alive! in print and online, and in the Club’s social media. We’re recording your extraordinary efforts for all time.
Nobody else is telling your stories like the Club will. We’ve got your back.

To share your story, go here: