Remembering Ray Guerrero

Last month, Alive! reported on the COVID-related death of PSR Raymond Guerrero, a 911 Operator with 24 years of City service. He died Jan. 7. He is survived by his wife, Debra, also a PSR, and two daughters.

Some of his former colleagues in the LAPD/Communications Division shared their memories of Ray.

This incident occurred at least 15 years ago (circa 2004-05):

“Ray and I were having our regular E break Code 7 (from 2040-2130 hours) when Communications Division was still located in CHE P4 level.

“We were at Philippe’s (The Original – French Dipped Sandwich Place) near Chinatown, having our meal. An armed suspect came through the side door with a handgun and face covered with a red bandana. I immediately dropped to the floor. If you have been to Philippe’s, you would know the floor was covered with sawdust. So, imagine my clothes covered with sawdust and Ray just sat at his chair and continued to chow down on his meal while the place was 211d.

“Code 4, the suspect apparently got the money from the cashier and left. Ray still sat on his chair to finish his meal.”

“This is a true story.”

– Buddy Ramiro

“Apparently many years ago Ray got a call from a man who was barricaded inside a building. He kept him on the phone until the expert negotiator showed up. The man did not like speaking to the negotiator and said that he would talk to Ray and Ray only. Ray had a comforting effect on everyone, no matter what side of the law you might be on. Rest in Peace, Ray.”

– Jean Sarfaty

“Ray was my Instructor who got me through my weeks 9-12 radio dispatch floor training. Throughout my 15 years, he became more than just an instructor to me. Ray was there at my late grandmother’s services, who was like a mother to me. He was also there at my wedding.

“I remember many nights on PM (evening) watch with Ray driving, while Buddy and I would go with him to different little hidden restaurant gems near downtown on our lunchbreak. Ray grew up in the area and knew all the good spots around downtown LA.

“At a job where many nights could seem grim and stressful, Ray would be the humorous one who taught us all on PM watch to find the joy in this career. We will sorely miss Ray’s light here on our dispatch floor. In this fight to rid our City of this pandemic, the City of Los Angeles should know that another Angel in Ray now watches over them.”

– Daniel Hill


The weekend of Feb. 20-21, the tight-knit family of LAPD/Communications held a tribute to Ray. Here’s what the department posted on Facebook:

“This weekend, we honored the life of late PSR III Ray Guerrero. By dressing in our Class A uniform attire, we showed respect to a humble instructor, inspiring coworker, and caring friend. You will always be in our hearts. Sumalangit nawa ang iyong kaluluwa.”

At the 911 Operators tribute to Ray Guerrero.

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