Safety agencies host local celebration of National Dispatchers Week.

Thanks, Dispatchers!

Photos courtesy LAPD, LAFD

Dispatchers and leadership celebrate National Dispatchers Week at the Valley Center.

The LAPD and LAFD celebrated National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week – popularly known as National Dispatchers Week – April 14-20, honoring their dispatchers with ceremonies and honors.

In 1992, President George H. Bush established National Dispatchers’ Week to honor police dispatchers for providing vital emergency services to their community nationwide. The LAPD and LAFD have been celebrating it ever since.

Mayor Karen Bass, Interim Chief Dominic Choi and Assistant Chiefs Randolph and Blake Chow stopped by Metro to say thanks.

The LAPD’s Metro Communications and the Valley Communications Centers enjoyed the presence of Mayor Karen Bass, LAPD Interim Chief Dominic Choi and others who stopped by April 18, to say thank you.

KTLA Channel 5’s news celebrities Chris Schauble, Kirk Hawkins and others stopped by on April 19.

The LAFD wrote:

“Every time an LAFD Dispatcher walks onto the floor of the Metropolitan Fire Communications (MFC, or ‘Metro’), they endure under the words: ‘It All Starts Here.’ It’s not just a motto but the foundation for all they do … we’re grateful for all they do. For all Public Safety Telecommunications across the globe – a special thank you. You’re not the only ones the public sees responding with lights and sirens, but you’re the cornerstone to it all.”