Mireles for the Win

City employee running for Council seat in Pico Rivera.

John Mireles with Mayor Eric Garcetti

John Mireles, Stores Supervisor, Transportation, with 21 years of City service, Club Member, is running for a seat on the City Council … in Pico Rivera, just east of downtown in LA County.

Should he win the race – he’s on the ballot Nov. 3 — it would be a part-time job, allowing him to keep his daytime Transportation gig.

“I was raised in Pico Rivera since I was six years old,” he tells Alive! “I had a good childhood growing up in my city. I played baseball and football here. Most of my friends now are the same ones since childhood.

“My parents still live there and are becoming elderly, and I want to be back home close to them.

I see where my skill set can contribute to growth of Pico Rivera, the city I love and call home!

John Mireles with Mr. LA, former Councilman Tom LaBonge, Club Member

“My top three priorities are: ensuring safe neighborhoods, improving community services, and promoting fiscal accountability and transparency. My platform is common sense to growth.”

In the time of COVID, he plans to make public health a priority.

John feels that his experience working for the City in a number of departments (Airports, DWP, Public Works/Street Lighting, LAFD, LAPD and now Transportation) gives him the knowledge he needs. “I am prepared to utilize my City service experience to help Pico Rivera run more efficiently and to be ready for growth.

“I want to pay it forward, to take this chance to help and give back to the community,” he says. “This opportunity provides me the chance to make a positive difference to the people around me and my community.”

Good luck, John!