Mary Clare Molidor retires from City Attorney after 42 years of City service.

Goodbye, Mary Clare

City Attorney Mike Feuer and Mary Clare Molidor.

Mary Clare Molidor, Chief Assistant City Attorney; Chief of the Criminal and Special Litigation Branch; and part of the City Attorney’s Executive Team, retired March 11 after 42 years of City service.

She was responsible for overseeing the prosecution of all misdemeanor crimes and civil abatement actions within the City and working with the Managers of the Branch and Area Division, Safe Neighborhoods and Gang Division and the Complex and Special Litigation Division. She was instrumental in designing and implementing community justice programs that have received local, state and national recognition, and was a recipient of the Innovative Community Engagement Award from the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys.

City Attorney Mike Feuer wrote about Mary Clare’s retirement on Twitter:

“After an extraordinary career with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, Mary Clare Molidor (I know folks call her ‘MC,’ but I’ve been calling her Mary Clare for 25 years and I’m not stopping now!) is retiring today after 42 years.

“She’s the first woman to lead our Criminal Branch, and in addition to other high-profile roles in our office, she’s been an amazing partner to many, many colleagues throughout the entire City family.

“Over the decades, so many of us have depended on her intelligence, exceptional legal skills, great judgment, remarkable institutional memory and – just about everything about her. In short, Mary Clare has shown us how to get things done. Angelenos are better off because of her.

“We’ll all miss her enormously, and I personally will always be grateful not only for her leadership, but for her quick wit, warmth and friendship.

“We wish Mary Clare lots of excitement (and a little relaxation) in whatever her next chapter holds. Thank you for everything, my friend.”

Congratulations on your great City career, Mary Clare, and enjoy your much-deserved retirement.