Terry Carter, Retired, builds a new life in Wyoming

Farm Living Is the Life for Terry

Terry Carter (left) with husband, Jim; son, Michael; and daughter, Carlee.

Terry Carter, Retired, LAPD and Club Board Member, is building an amazing life with her husband, Jim; grown son, Michael; daughter, Carlee; … and nine cows (one a calf), 26 chickens, 36 meat chickens, 9 ducks and four pigs. Quite a menagerie!

Terry and Jim live in Cheyenne. Son Michael graduated from college and is now a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force, headed to Malstrom Air Force Base, Montana. Carlee has spent this summer in France.

With all those animals on the grand American prairie, does she recommend retirement?


Well done, Terry, Jim and family. Keep us updated on your menagerie!

Terry and Jim’s ranch under the huge Wyoming sky.
Scenes from the ranch.
Scenes from the ranch.
Scenes from the ranch.
Terry and Jim’s newest calf.
Scenes from the ranch.