Recent LAPD retirements announced via social media.

LAPD Retirements

The following employees of the LAPD have retired, according to announcements made via social media. The celebrations were held safely due to coronavirus protocols.

Congratulations on great careers!

Tim Hayton

Tim Hayton (left) receives his retirement plaque from Capt. Michael Odle.

Tim Hayton, Equipment Mechanic, retired from the Mission Bureau Feb. 11. He gave more than 23 years of service to the City

Thanks for your service, Tim!




Three From Central Area

On Jan. 27, Officer II Quyen Nang Mai, Officer III Art Herrera and Sgt. Leticia Delgado Garcia retired. Together, they had more than 100 years of City service in the downtown area.

Officer II Quyen Nang Mai
Officer III Art Herrera
Sgt. Leticia Delgado Garcia












Assistant Chief Robert Arcos

Assistant Chief Robert Arcos.

Assistant Chief Robert Arcos retired Jan. 31. He had 32 years of City service.

At retirement, he led the department’s Office of Operations, overseeing Citywide patrol operations, the response to homeless, and he served as the department’s Latino liaison.

He served in every bureau in the City and implemented new processes to more effectively use technology and departmental resources.

“It’s been the honor and privilege of my life to serve alongside the best men and women in law enforcement,” he wrote. “I am retiring with endless gratitude and much love for our profession. Thank you to all who have been part of this amazing journey.”

Congratulations on your career, Assistant Chief Arcos.

Capt. Dave Storaker

At his retirement party on Sept. 29, 2020, Capt. III Dave Storaker (right).

Capt. III Dave Storaker, in charge of LAPD/Communications, retired Sept. 29. He served the City for 37 years.

Capt. III Dave Storaker, in charge of LAPD/Communications, retired Sept. 29. He served the City for 37 years.

As an Officer, Capt. Storaker was assigned to patrol, CRASH, and a foot beat. He also trained probationary officers and wrote Office of Operations Orders.

In 1991, he was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to Newton Area, North Hollywood Area, Personnel Division, Internal Affairs Group, and the Inspector General’s Office.

In 2000, he was promoted to Lieutenant, where he served as a Watch Commander, an Officer in Charge of Gang and Narcotic Intervention and Enforcement, a Commanding Officer in charge of Detectives, and the Adjutant to the Chief of Detectives.

In 2014, he was promoted to Captain in the Hollywood Area as the Patrol Commanding Officer. In 2015, Capt. Storaker moved to Olympic Area, where he also led the Patrol personnel. In 2016, he was again promoted to the Commanding Officer of Communications Division, where he oversaw more than 500 Dispatchers.