LAPD hosts local celebration of National Dispatchers Week.

PSR II of the Year Nikki Nguyen with (from left) Chief Michel Moore, her husband Sgt. II Neil Wank, and Commander Vic Davalos.

LAPD: The LAPD celebrated National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week – popularly known as National Dispatchers Week – April 11-15, honoring its dispatchers with ceremonies and honors.

In 1992, President George H. Bush established National Dispatchers’ Week to honor police dispatchers for providing vital emergency services to their community nationwide. The LAPD has been celebrating it ever since.

Honors for employees of the year and pins for service were distributed. The following received honors:

Sworn Supervisor of the Year:
Sgt. II Manuel Sanchez

Civilian Supervisor of the Year:
Whitney Baumann, Sr. PSR I

Administrative Employee of the Year:
Roberto Lopez, Sr. PSR II

PSR III of the Year:
Aaron Johnson

PSR II of the Year:
Nhu Nguyen

Police Officer of the Year:
Officer II William Roecker

Civilian Supervisor of the Year, Whitney Baumann.
Sworn Supervisor of the Year, Sgt. II Manuel Sanchez.
Administrative Employee
of the Year, Roberto Lopez, Sr. PSR I.
PSR III of the Year,
Aaron Johnson.