Lady Smith, LACERS, produces a play to combat homelessness in LA.

Lady Goes Homeward

“We could all end up in the street,” Lady Smith, LACERS, 30 years of City service, Club Member, says. “I wanted to raise funds and awareness that the homeless have identities, too. They are people, too.”

So Lady produced a play titled HomewardLA in cooperation with the homeless organization of the same name. The theatrical event was unique – it played over 10 days in several venues Citywide. The performances raised more than $130,000, which was donated to the Midnight Mission on Skid Row.

Lady helped produce the first HomewardLA in 2018, and she came back this year to run the show. Ten actors performed the shows, which had two directors/choreographers – QueJonné Smith, LAFD, Lady’s daughter; and David W. Cross II. The performances ran April 26 to May 5.

Lady produced the show through Limited Edition, her production company that’s been working with area underrepresented youths for more than 25 years.

HomewardLA contains monologues, based on stories from people who have been homeless and are striving to find their way home. In 2018, more than 2,000 people saw the shows.

Actors from HomewardLA.

“The monologues in the show aren’t really about how they got there, or how they became homeless,” she explains. “It’s more about their grandest memories, their best hopes and dreams. They are people. It could happen to any of us.

“Sometimes people are stereotyped and treated very badly on the streets. And they’re embarrassed that they’ve ended up there. We could all be in the same boat. We all need to be there for each other.

“It’s getting worse. They need to know that they are not alone. There are people who care for them.”

Does she expect to produce the show again next year? “Oh, yes,” she says. “God willing.”

Those interested in participating in next year’s productions or wanting more information can go to:
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