Tess Chen Is Honored

Engineer noted as exemplary performer

Tess Chen

Last year, Transportation’s Tess Chen, Transportation Engineering Associate, was recognized as an outstanding performer for her work on the implementation of Complete Streets. She was recognized for her extraordinary efforts and accomplishments.

Tess joined LADOT initially as a volunteer in 2019 and has since proven her ability to not only learn quickly but to train her coworkers as well. Tess has produced project delivery tools for the Complete Streets Implementation Division that have been adopted department-wide as a succession tool to ensure projects will continue to be delivered despite ongoing retirements. Tess has also developed tools to streamline project budgeting exercises to ensure budgets and appropriations are closely monitored.

Tess is just one of several employees deemed Outstanding Performers last year during the pandemic (Alive! is still catching up!).

Congratulations, Tess, on your outstanding performance for the City.