Ethel Pattison retires after astounding 64 years of City service.

Ethel Flies Away

Ethel Pattison

A retirement party via Webex and a special video were the agenda in late September as Ethel Pattison, Airport Information Specialist, retired from Airports after 64 years of City service.

Ethel, 94, was hired in 1956 to help the City build voter interest in a bond issue to expand west of Sepulveda Boulevard in anticipation of the jet age. Her remarkable career was chronicled in last month’s cover story.

The October 2020 cover of Alive!

Her retirement video highlighted that she won a Career Service Award back in 1991, 29 years before she actually retired! “You are an angel in our City of Angels,” said Airports CEO Justin Erbacci.

The retirement video can be viewed here:

Congratulations, Ethel, for the more than six decades of service you provided to the City. Enjoy your much-deserved retirement.

Tom Ihle, Director of Human Resources, Airports, provided information for this story.