Direct Deposit Makes Sense!

For Retired Employees:

Sign up today to avoid Postal Service delays.

Story courtesy LACERS

In recent years, monthly retirement allowance paychecks have been delayed due to a disruption in U.S. Postal Service delivery caused by natural disasters or national events.

If your mail delivery were to be delayed, how would you receive your monthly retirement allowance? If you receive a paycheck from LACERS, consider signing up for direct deposit.

Why direct deposit?

  • It eliminates postal delays and lost or stolen checks.
  • Your money is immediately available on the payment date.
  • It eliminates the need for you to cash a check.
  • Your money is safe and secure in your bank account when you are away from home, eliminating the need to make special arrangements.

If you are interested in direct deposit, please visit for the Direct Deposit Authorization form and submit it to LACERS, or call LACERS at (800) 779-8328.