Congrats, Crime Lab!

The Crime Lab’s employees from both divisions on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.
Some of the issues of Alive! that chronicled the LAPD Crime Lab.

LAPD’s crime lab, a focus of eight Alive! features, celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Images courtesy LAPD

Last October, the LAPD’s Crime Lab – consisting of the Forensic Science Division and the Technical Investigation Division – celebrated its 100th anniversary as the nation’s first crime lab and the nation’s second largest crime lab after the FBI, according to the department.

The department held a press conference and display of abilities Oct. 23 at the LA Police Museum at the old Highland Park Police Station.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore gives remarks at the 100th anniversary celebration at the LA Police Museum. On his left is Tatiana Garcia, Police Administrator, Technical Investigation Division. At right is Gabriel Gnanapragasam, Police Administrator, Forensic Science Division.

Over the years, Alive! was privileged to chronicle the modern LAPD Crime Lab in a series of eight in-depth cover stories. The series was used informally by the crime lab as orientation materials for its new hires.

Congratulations, Crime Lab! Thank you for your constant innovation and dedication, and all you have done and continue to do, to keep the citizens of Los Angeles safe. 

Displays at the anniversary event.