Club Sports: Dec. 2018

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Enforcers, Rats Lead Into Playoffs

New Division looking to crown champs Dec. 19.

The Club Softball League’s North Division is deep into its first season, with the playoffs set to start Dec. 5, and the championship game Dec. 19.

North Division games are played at Shatto Recreation Center, 3191 W Fourth St., and Yosemite Recreation Center, 1840 Yosemite Dr.

Come and Have Fun!

Cheer on your favorite City teams! Attendance is free, of course, and the friendships and fun you will have are all courtesy the Club Softball League. Get in on the fun!
Games are on Wednesday nights, starting at 7:30 p.m.

South Division Forming:

The Club Softball League’s South Division, which plays its games in Inglewood, is forming and accepting new teams and players. Contact the Sports Dude:  The Club Softball League is open to Members from the City, County and State.  It is also open to their family members over 18 years old.

Game Pictures Online:

Images of past sporting events can be found on Club social media (see below).

Standings (thru Sept. 12)


Enforcers   8-2
Blue Dragons   7-3
Sluggers   6-5
GameTime   5-5
Operaiders   0-11


Sewer Rats   8-3
Kilawatts   7-4
Transformers   5-6
It Ain’t Over   5-6
Dot-Gers   3-9



As Games Intensify, So Does Sportsmanship

Hi Club Softball fans!

Happy Holidays! ’Tis the season for family, friends, gatherings and holiday cheer.

With the end of the softball season coming up and playoffs around the corner, we have great team standings so far. Team camaraderie is at its highest, and so is the intensity for the final stretch of games before the playoffs. With the Enforcers and the Sewer Rats in the lead, we still have teams fighting for a chance to hold that number-one spot.

The cold weather is not stopping these teams from coming out to cheer on one another and play their hardest till the last minute. I especially want to highlight the DOTgers, who have demonstrated great sportsmanship no matter what the score is. Team manager Carlos Rodriguez from DOTgers were all smiles as he hit a double and slid into second base to advance a base for his team during a tough game. The DOTgers did not let their loss to It Ain’t Over stop them from demonstrating great team spirit, which is what this league is all about.

You also have Jordan Price for the Sewer Rats and Mike McCommas from It Ain’t Over battling out at the pitchers’ mounds as they both fight to get that 1-2-3 out for their teams. With back-to-back hits in every inning you can feel the intensity in the air. Emotions are high nearing the postseason playoffs, so stay tuned as we come into these crucial last games of the season!

— Commish Amanda Cadena, Club Softball Commissioner, North Division
    ITA/It Ain’t Over team member

Calling All Players!

The Club Sports Office welcomes all individual players to inquire about the Club’s sports leagues. Please contact or call the Club at (800) 464-0452 to be placed as a free agent and for more information.


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