Your Fellow City Employees Need You

During this virus pandemic, some City Employees and their families are facing hardships...

#ClubMobile Arrives at Your Worksite

New initiative brings benefits right to your worksite. Retail Club Store in downtown is closing...

Letters to the Editor

Club Members tell us what they think. You can too!

Salute to Veterans

The Club honors our Veterans. We are honored to salute, for the first time, our Club Member Veterans in honor of Veterans Day, Nov. 11. To all Club Veterans, thank you for your service! For Ercell Murray,...

Club Mobile Team – Site Visits Are Back!

Club Mobile Team is ready to visit City worksites safely with gear, tickets, insurance, more. Say hi to the Club … in person again!

Caring for Club Members

ALIVE! FEATURE CONTENTS Click title to continue reading this month's feature: • The Club Is Calling Every Retired Member • Share Your Story • Your Fellow City Employees Need Help • The Club Works at Home • Caring for Club...

Rest in Peace to three who affected the Club, the City, the State and...

They are lives worth celebrating, and now lives worth mourning. In the past six weeks or so, the Club family has lost three whom you might have heard of, might have worked with, might have been friends with … or might not have. But they all made a difference in the City and the Club experience.

Club Deals Powered by Entertainment

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48,600 Club Care Calls, and Nearly Finished

The Club “Care Calls” project continues its efforts to call all 50,000 active Members to say hello and check on how you’re doing during...

Welcome to the Club’s Outreach to Retirement

Have you been thinking about signing up for the Club’s Long Term Care Plan? If you have, now is the time to apply!..