Club Honors 24 with Mukai Scholarships

The Club’s Joannie Mukai Scholarship Program for 2019 awards $500 to 24 members of the Club family.

The Club is pleased to announce the winners of the Club’s annual Joannie Mukai Scholarship Program for 2019. 24 Club Members and those related to Club Members have been awarded stipends.

The Club’s Scholarship program was named for the late Joannie Mukai, the former Club Board Member who passed away in 2010.

“The Club is honored to award these incredible young people,” said John Hawkins, Club CEO. “Every year I’m amazed with the achievements and promise of those who apply. I wish all the success in the world to these awesome people, and to all those who applied.


Joannie Mukai was a pioneer as the LA Port’s Director of Construction and Maintenance. A passionate supporter in the Employees Club and longtime Club Insurance Board Member, she died in March 2010. The Club’s annual scholarship program was named in her honor. “She believed in education and training, and in preparing for success,” Club CEO John Hawkins said. “That’s what the Club Scholarship is all about, and we’re delighted to name it after her. It’s a perfect way to keep her memory alive.”


Patricia Agbayani

Daughter of Edgardo Agbayani, Building and Safety, City of Los Angeles.

Patricia looks forward to attending Cal State Long Beach this fall, with plans to major in chemical engineering. “It is the art of creating something for the benefit of others that makes engineering so intriguing.

“I was privileged enough to be exposed to the world of science because of my father. From watching the National Geographic channel to explaining how hydraulics work, my father and I have always bonded through science,” she writes. Patricia didn’t think of pursuing a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) as she disliked math. However, she took advantage of every resource, and now “the one thing that I loathed for a very long time has become my new source of interest. I’ve started to tutor people who were struggling in math and chemistry through the California Scholarship Federation.”

Patricia is the daughter of Edgardo Agbayani, Building and Safety, City of Los Angeles.

Ava Craddolph

Daughter of Barry Craddolph, Building and Safety,
City of Los Angeles.

Ava is an actress, activist and student in her third year at Cal State LA studying performance theater with a minor in political science.

In her first two years at CSULA, she has competed with the Speech and Debate Team, starred in numerous performancs, worked as a mentor for YMCA’s Youth and Government program and helped facilitate her school’s Black Student Union events.

Ava has also created a campaign called Homies for the Homeless, which gives away clothes and food and raises awareness of the lack of resources for the homeless in South Central LA.

Ava’s goal is to bring more diversity into the film industry both in front of and behind the camera.

Ava is the daughter of Barry Craddolph, Building and Safety, City of Los Angeles.

Cydney Davis

Daughter of Rosalyn Davis,
LAPD, City of Los Angeles.

Cydney attends USC, where she is a sophomore studying public policy.

At the age of 10, Cydney learned to be independent when her mom suddenly became ill. “That caused me to mature quickly and has inspired me to pursue a career in healthcare opportunities for people in need,” she writes.

Cydney’s mother always reminds her, “The world is like a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page.” During high school, Cydney got to travel abroad to Belize for an ecology wildlife preservation trip.

“Traveling brings me immense joy. I love immersing myself in cultures unlike my own because I believe that it’s the best way to connect with people whose life experiences are different from mine.”

Cydney is the daughter of Rosalyn Davis, LAPD, City of Los Angeles.

Ashley Eyraud

Daughter of Claudia Eyraud,
DMV, State of California.

A keen softball player since she was four, Ashley played on high school and college teams. “Softball not only was a sport to me, but it was my first love. It taught me life lessons, introduced me to some of my life-long friends, and molded me into who I am today.

“I was a student athlete who had to work hard. I made the Dean’s list, and the President’s honor roll twice. Because I stayed on track and did well academically, I was able to receive my Associate’s degree in social science, and graduate in 2019.”

Ashley’s goal is to become a high school physical education teacher and plans to earn her Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology at Cal State Bakersfield.

Ashley is the daughter of Claudia Eyraud, DMV, State of California.

Yvonne Farrow

Who works for Cultural Affairs,
City of Los Angeles

City Employee Yvonne Farrow is studying for a Master’s degree in arts management at Sotheby’s Institute.

“I worked in the entertainment industry my whole life as a writer, director, producer, choreographer and performer– while all along the way, volunteering in my community,” she writes. “I never dreamed it would lead me to City government.

“Since joining the City, I have been passionate about artists learning how to make local government work for them. Avenues already exist in DCA [Dept. of Cultural Affairs] by which artists can apply for grants for art-making; but I feel what is desperately needed is to teach artists how to get City support and services to take care of their everyday lives! You can’t make art if you have to choose between your medicine and the light bill. To achieve this goal, I must become an arts leader!”

Yvonne works in Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles.

D’Ajah Haynes

Daughter of Danita Haynes, Airports, City of Los Angeles.

At her Inglewood high school, D’Ajah participated in Cinemagic, an international organization that helps high school students create and produce original short films. She came up with an idea and then scripted a film. In the production process, D’Ajah became part of the art department. The whole experience confirmed her love for filmmaking.

“Being involved in media projects inside and outside of my school lead to me receiving the 2019 Senior Award for the Media Arts Program at my high school,” she writes. Now D’Ajah will study marketing communications with an emphasis on advertising in college to become a promotions manager.

D’Ajah is the daughter of Danita Haynes, Airports, City of Los Angeles.

Cassandra Hernandez

Daughter of Eduardo Hernandez, Rec and Parks,
City of Los Angeles.

Cassandra Hernandez is a second-year student at Cal State Northridge where she is studying to be a teacher. Cassandra did a lot of volunteering to find her calling as a teacher. She completed her first year with straight A’s and made it onto the Dean’s list.

“I have always taken great pride in my academic accomplishments because they have led me to feel confident in myself and want to help others succeed,” she writes. “I have been allowed to volunteer at an elementary school, and I found that this age group of students is where I want to put my focus on because of their love of learning.”

Cassandra is the daughter of Eduardo Hernandez. Rec and Parks, City of Los Angeles.

Danyel Jackson

Daughter of Monica Jackson, Dept. of Fish and Wildlife,
State of California

Danyel is studying at University of California, San Diego, majoring in general biology and wants to pursue a career in medicine. “I couldn’t be happier about my decision to study something I am truly passionate about,” she writes.

“The zeal of my teachers in high school impassioned me to discover more about science and how it can help people, which ultimately motivated me to pursue a career in medicine as it connects the things I love most: helping my community and biology.”

Danyel looks to specialize in pediatrics, “as I find working with families and young people incredibly rewarding.”

Danyel is the daughter of Monica Jackson, Dep. of Fish and Wildlife, State of California.

Jaya Jacob

Daughter of Melanie Jacob, DWP,
City of Los Angeles

Jaya attends Cal State Long Beach this fall as an undeclared major who hopes to pursue a career in pediatric nursing. Volunteering in a number of capacities helped her to decide on nursing as a career.

“Through volunteer work, I found that the activity I enjoyed most was taking care of children,” she writes. “Helping people is something I enjoyed doing during my grade school years, and I want to continue doing so in my adult life.

“My goal is to have a stable job that I enjoy that involves working with children and gives me the chance to give back to my family who have loved and supported me for my entire life.”

Jaya is the daughter of Melanie Jacob, DWP, City of Los Angeles.

Kaden Langlois

Son of Meighan Langlois, Airports,
City of Los Angeles

Kaden plans to attend Cal State Long Beach this fall.

In high school, Kaden played sports and maintained a part-time job while maintaining a 4.0 GPA or above during all four years. He became a Red Cross certified lifeguard and began working as a year-round pool lifeguard for the city of El Segundo, where he has taught more than 100 people how to swim as well as watching all those in the pool.

“I plan to continue working part time as a lifeguard while I pursue my college degree in mechanical engineering,” he writes. “My ideal job will be something that involves innovation and sustainability while utilizing my mechanical engineering degree.”

Kaden is the son of Meighan Langlois, Airports, City of Los Angeles.

Arely Navarro

Daughter of Julio Navarro, Public Works,
City of Los Angele

Arely attends University of California Irvine this fall, majoring in biology.

Arely graduated as Valedictorian, receiving a 4.0 GPA (and above) every semester of high school. “This meant late nights staying up studying or working on homework, hours of tutoring and managing both my academics and extra-curriculars,” she writes. She is also a member of the National Honor Society and the California Scholarship Federation, and she worked as a mentor and tutor to students who needed help in their classes.

“Ever since I was a little girl I loved going to the dentist and found it very interesting. I am hoping to continue my career in dental school and become a general dentist.”

Arely is the daughter of Julio Navarro, Public Works, City of Los Angeles.

Gabriela Navarro

Daughter of Julio Navarro, Public Works,
City of Los Angeles

This fall, Gabriela Navarro plans to transfer to Cal State San Marcos as a liberal studies major. Last spring, Gabriela received Associate’s degrees in social and behavioral studies, communications, and humanities philosophy and arts from Riverside Community College.

“I was a full-time student and a part-time student worker, while also helping my mom in her daycare business,” she writes. “Even though I was always busy with school or work, I was able to manage my time wisely.”

Gabriela wants to become a bilingual elementary school teacher, with Spanish. “I have always loved learning new material. My goal is to be a teacher while also working for my PhD in child development.”

Gabriela is the daughter of Julio Navarro, Public Works, City of Los Angeles.

Joshua Nero

Son of Charles Nero, Transportation,
City of Los Angeles

Joshua Nero plans to attend Prairie View A&M University in Texas this fall.

“My goal when I get to college is to earn a Bachelor’s degree in accounting,” he writes. “I want to learn and understand how money works in the business sector and teach others how to manage their money and their debt.”

Joshua was very involved in sports through the City of L.A’s Rec and Parks programs in the Antelope Valley. His favorite sport is basketball: “Playing travel basketball allowed me to see a lot of places and meet other kids like me.” Joshua was the starting point guard on the varsity team in high school. “To keep good grades during the season was an achievement for me.”

Joshua is the son of Charles Nero, Transportation, City of Los Angeles.

Natalie Nodar

Daughter of Dennis Nodar,
LAPD, City of Los Angele

Natalie plans to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the fall to study anthropology and geography.

“If I’m not in class, then I’ll definitely be on the softball field because the achievements I made there are the ones I am most proud of,” she writes. “I was the varsity softball team’s starting pitcher since ninth grade, and we made it to the championship game.”

Natalie credits making friendships while learning how to work as a team, and staying motivated even after a loss, for helping shape her into the strong woman she is today.

“I want to develop my knowledge of humanity and our relationship with our natural environment. I want to pursue a career in archaeological anthropology where I can focus on finding material remains of cultures.”

Natalie is the daughter of Dennis Nodar, LAPD, City of Los Angeles.

Brittany Romero

Daughter of Laura Romero, DWP,
City of Los Angeles

Brittany plans to attend San Diego State University this fall.

Brittany lost her brother to cancer when she was 10. “My life is lived in honor of my brother, which is why I never stop pushing myself; I want to make him proud,” she writes. “I’ve learned that our struggles make us who we are. We can choose to let them destroy us, or we can use them to make us better people.”

During high school, Brittany was a part of the National Honors Society. She was also on the Principal’s honor roll and played a big part in the drama department, performing in three school musicals and four plays. She is religious and was a part of a Christian club for four years. She is the first in her family to go to college.

Brittany is the daughter of Ricardo Romero, Rec and Parks, City of Los Angeles.

Victoria Romero

Daughter of Laura Romero, DWP,
City of Los Angeles

Victoria plans to attend Claremont McKenna College this fall and wants to pursue work in education policy.

“My prospects when I was younger did not look bright,” she writes. “Against all odds, I did not wallow or become hateful.” Channeling her energy into her studies, Victoria was a star student in school, where she sought challenges to overcome. “I was director of lights in the theatre program; president of Interact Club, a service club; and president of the senior class. Out of school I was Youth Commissioner of the Alhambra City Council, and I worked as a cashier part-time.”

Victoria was awarded the Marie Rose Durocher 2018 Award, inducted into the National Honors Society, and became a lifetime member of the Philomatheon Society and CSF.

Victoria is the daughter of Laura Romero, DWP, City of Los Angeles.

Morgan Shepard

Daughter of Richard Shepard, Cal. Dept. of Corrections,
State of California

Morgan plans to attend San Joaquin Delta College this fall to study law.

“The arts were always around me, my mother, being a painter, and my father, who was one to sing along to any song on the radio. When I had my chance to take the stage, I took it,” she writes. “Around that time, my heath was in decline.”

Morgan has pectus excavatum, a structural condition of the sternum and rib cage necessitating painful surgeries to restructure the person’s chest.

“Theatre helped me get past my stage fright and minor stutter, to where I could have a more controlling presence within a courtroom. My goal is to be able to give back to my community and children like me who have pectus excavatum and let them know they are not alone.”

Morgan is the daughter of Richard Shepard, Dept. of Corrections, State of California.

Tea Tebangin

Daughter of Brian and Panta Tebangin, Caltrans,
State of California

Tea plans to attend Glendale Community College this fall and looks to transfer to the University of California Riverside to complete a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. She is funding her own college education.

“Programming and creating enjoyable creative platforms for people sparks a flame for me that I wish to ignite in college,” she writes. Tea loves makeup and self expression – she was president of the beauty club in high school. She was a journalist and edited the yearbook and was a class officer in junior and senior years.

Tea is the daughter of Panta Tebangin, Caltrans, State of California.

Andie Venegas

Daughter of Rito Venegas, Transportation,
City of Los Angeles

Andie Venegas is a junior at University of California Merced, where she is studying toward a Bachelor of science degree in molecular and cell biology.

One of her recent research projects involved exploring a novel approach to treat the negative effects of radiotherapy treatment in cancer patients.

“In addition to conducting research that is pertinent to the medical field, I am also an inpatient department volunteer at Mercy Medical Inpatient Center, where I attend to and provide the best quality care to patients alongside physicians,” she writes. After earning her Bachelor’s degree, Andie hopes to attend medical school and earn a medical degree in family medicine “to be a resource to underserved communities similar to South Central, the community I grew up in.”

Andie is the daughter of Rito Venegas, DWP, City of Los Angeles.

Sheimeikaa Wagstaff

Who works for Public Works/Contract Administration,
City of Los Angeles

Sheimeikaa is studying for her doctorate at Northcentral University, San Diego.

“My education matters so that I can achieve financial stability, provide opportunity for others, and advocate for those who may need to be heard, but may be overlooked by systems and circumstances,” she writes.

“As I continue my matriculation through my Doctoral program and embark upon City promotion, I pledge to use my strengths and skills for good, be a team player, welcome change, and make a positive difference in at least one person’s life daily.”

Sheimeikaa lives by the motto: “Small, consistent changes equal big, long-term results.”

She works for the City of Los Angeles in Public Works/Contract Administration.

Mason West

Son of Ryan West, Internal Services,
Los Angeles County

Mason attends Cal Poly Pomona pursuing a career in law enforcement.

His family went from a two-parent income to only one when Mason’s mom became ill and was unable to continue working. “My mom has always told me, ‘I’m not telling you it is going to be easy; I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it,’” Mason writes. “Remembering that has helped me during challenging times and has reminded me of what is truly important.”

Mason works on campus as an outreach assistant. He’s a member of academic and athletic clubs and continues volunteering work in his community. “I have worked very hard to be able to continue my education, and as a first-generation college student, this opportunity means even more to me. I am determined to graduate in four years, and I am on track.”

Mason is the son of Ryan West, Internal Services, County of Los Angeles.

Jake Wheeles

Son of Christina Wheeles, DWP,
City of Los Angeles

Jake is in his sophomore year at San Diego State University majoring in civil engineering. While he has yet to decide a minor, Jake has an accumulation of credits and units from AP classes and community college courses: “I will be entering the year with a junior standing academically, essentially a year ahead of schedule,” he writes.

“There are a variety of clubs, programs and teams related to civil engineering on campus at SDSU that I plan on immersing myself in once the fall semester begins.”

In addition to studies and extra-curricular activities, Jake is a crew lead/shift lead at Starbucks. “I plan to maintain that position until a job opportunity or internship in my desired field comes up.”

Jake is the son of Christina Wheeles, DWP, City of Los Angeles.

Nia Williams

Daughter of Gary Williams, Library,
City of Los Angeles

Nia plans to attend Hampton University in Virginia this fall where she plans to combine studies in music, writing, performing arts, and digital media.

She credits both her parents with introducing her to the arts. “This inspired me to get involved in Black Student Union and the International Thespian Society,” she writes. “Being an officer for the International Thespian Society allowed me to channel my thoughts into songwriting, poetry, performing and public speaking.” Nia was recognized for writing and directing a 30-minute documentary on the N-word.

“Having a leadership role in the Black Student Union taught me to think and act in ways that are politically correct, while taking the perspective of my community into account.”

Nia is the daughter of Gary Williams, Library, City of Los Angeles.

Vanessa Yepez

Daughter of Claudia Yepez, Airports,
City of Los Angeles

Vanessa is a senior at Cal State Long Beach, expecting to graduate next spring with a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Vanessa is a member of the National Honor Society and is on the Dean’s honor list. She is involved in the Criminal Justice Student Association and serves on its board as Secretary. As part of that association, “I have been able to volunteer for police departments, homeless shelters and organizations for those who are physically impaired,” she writes.

She volunteers with the Organization for the Physically Impaired. “I assist those who are blind and/or handicapped. I help out in the office and with events that this organization hosts for those who are legally blind.”

Vanessa is the daughter of Claudia Yepez, Airports, City of Los Angeles.