Annual picnic for African-American law enforcement Retirees returns.

Story by Arlene Herrero, Club Vice President of Business Development; Photos by Dylan Herrero

The Ebony Reunion Picnic, held each September primarily for African American former LAPD employees, was held Sept. 10 in Kenneth Hahn County Park in LA.

Despite the unpredictable weather, many came out and enjoyed the great food and catching up with everyone.

From left: Commander Sam Dacus, Retired, Sheriff, 51 years of County service; Det. II Bob Felix, Retired, Wilshire, 39 years; Lt. Marion Johnson, Retired, 77th, 20 years (who then went on to the Superior Court, then Deputy City Attorney and Deputy District Attorney); and Det. II Ken Alexander, Retired, South Traffic, 26 years.

The annual event brings together both civilian and sworn employees and their families.

The Ebony Reunion Picnic is independently organized and began with the formation of a committee in 1997. Too many sworn and civilian employees were seeing each other only for funerals, they felt, and needed another opportunity to get together and socialize. The committee had one goal in mind: to provide an opportunity and venue for friends, associates, former co-workers and ex-partners to gather and celebrate the past and the present.

In 1997, the committee planned a spectacular two-day event that consisted of a banquet at the Proud Bird Restaurant in Los Angeles. A video titled “LAPD’s Black History” was created and shown at the banquet. The next day, a fun and enjoyable picnic was held at the Los Angeles Police Academy. Both events were well attended and allowed everyone to gather, reminisce and enjoy the presence of each other.

Several participants travel from other cities and states to attend the annual picnic. The laughter and upbeat atmosphere among comrades are ever present at each picnic. A common theme each year is the recognition of mentors who have made life easier for future generations of LAPD employees and who have paved the way for their success.

The Ebony Reunion Picnic Committee is always looking for ways to increase the participation of current and former LAPD civilian employees at the picnic each year. Feel free to contact the committee at: