Airports honors its employees celebrating 35- and 30-year employment milestones with the City.

Thanks for Your Service!

The event took place at the Flight Path Museum on the grounds of LAX.

Many of the employees had worked their entire careers for Airports (some at Ontario before the City sold it), and some employees had worked at other City departments.

The employees were recognized for their dedication, commitment, loyalty, knowledge, experience, hard work, helpfulness and reliability. In total, 85 employees were honored; 33 were able to attend the ceremony.

Airports Chief Executive Officer Deborah Flint welcomed and thanked all those who were being honored for their service.

Congratulations to the honorees for your dedicated service!

The Club thanks Adriana Vidal, CASW Program Coordinator, Airports, for her assistance in producing this article.

Honorees in Attendance
(All are 30-year honorees except as noted)

Planning and Development

Tadesse Bezabeh
Cathy Craven
James Littleton
Jignasha Pandya
Mark Vicelja
Gary Yamamoto (35 years)

External Affairs

Philip Goodman
Shezzell Johnson


Vanessa Barbee
Minerva Gutierrez
Melanie Torres
Donna Williams

Operations and Emergency Management

John Moran
Lawrence Rolon

Information Management and Technology

Shahla Dallalzadeh
Jacquelyn Mijares

Public Safety and Security

Kayley King
Rhonda Maxey
Bruce Minton
Belinda Nettles
Tyrone Stallings
Kimberly Tolson

Facilities Maintenance and Utilities

Albert Duenas
Annette Goffney
Ali Hadary
Clara Hendricks
Randolph Nero
Ira Patterson
David Pro
Philip Siping
Vanessa Kjeller (35 years)


Pedro Lara

Chief Operating Officer
Elizabeth Hair (35 years)

Honorees Unable to Attend
The following employees were not able to attend the ceremony,
but were recognized:

30 Years

Andrew Allen, Tracy Baker, Munroe Barnett, Wendell Callaway, Louis Claverie, Van Clease, Robert DeLeon, Jamal Ford, Javier Gomez, Edward Goodman, Anita Hearns, Cynthia Hemsley, March Kapoh,
Daniel Keehne, Tyronne LaFrance, Arthur Limon, Miranda Lucas, Carol Moody, Alexis Oliver, Angelia Simpson, Jerome Smith, Kelly Washington, Loksum Yim, Michael Allen, Joseph Banda, David Breedlove, Idella Charles-Banks, Sharon Clarke, Richard Croul, Angela Falls, Adrian Gomez, Rafael Gomez, Darrell Gully, Robert Hebert, 
Kim Johnson, Pinchieh Kamikubo, Curtis Kirkpatrick, Helen Liao, Kimberly Louie, Timothy Lue, Jose Reyes, Deanna Smith, Jeffery Turner, and Richard Yakel.

35 Years

Jeffrey Baldwin, Richard Connolly, Vivian Howell, Bridget Laday, Russell Lewis and Kevin Schrock.