Chaplain Willie Riley says his goodbyes to Central Area.

Godspeed, Chaplain Riley

Chaplain Willie Riley, retired LA County Deputy Probation Officer and longtime LAPD Chaplain, recently “retired” from his volunteer LAPD position to move out of state. To mark the occasion of his leaving, the LA Central Area held a farewell ceremony March 31.

Chaplain Willie Riley (center), with Capt. I Brent McGuyre (left) and unidentified.

“For many years, Chaplain Riley has volunteered his time to counsel, console and pray for the Officers of Central Area,” wrote Capt. I Brent McGuyre, Central Area. “We pray for many years of health and happiness. We will miss you, sir!

“For rest of my life, I will always remember how Chaplain Riley drove through the middle of the chaos at the height of the civil unrest just to say a prayer over our Officers before they went out into the field. They all came back safe, so it must have worked!”

LAPD’s Chaplain Corps includes a dedicated cadre of volunteer specialists, who help the Department address the concerns of sworn and civilian employees and their families from a wide variety of faiths. 

Congratulations, Chaplain Riley, and thank you for your service.