Dains Makes Gains

Story and photo courtesy Animal Services

New GM Staycee Dains visits a City animal shelter.

Three weeks into the role as General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services, Staycee Dains has completed visits to all six City animal shelters as she continues to assess the shelters to implement change to make Los Angeles the most humane City in the country.

“When I was confirmed as General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services, beginning right away with our goal to make LA the most humane City in the country,” she said in a statement. “Over the last three weeks I have made it my top priority to visit each of our City’s shelters to observe the conditions of our animals and facilities, and speak to staff, volunteers, and customers.

“I appreciate the valuable time spent and input received from staff and volunteers as I made my way through each facility, noting areas of success as well as where we will need improvements. The over-capacity crisis hitting every shelter nationwide is apparent in Los Angeles, and continues to take a toll on the animals, staff, and volunteers. In a collective effort with staff and volunteers, we will confront this crisis.

“L.A. is in a unique position to change the landscape of animal welfare, not only for our city but across the nation. We are the second largest city in the United States, and one with a reputation for generosity and creativity when it comes to the animals we share the City with. Our combined love and care for animals and people can strengthen our programs, improve our shelters, and ensure safety for our community.

“I plan to continue reaching out to stakeholders for their input and support as we move forward together to make L.A. better for both people and animals.”

Well done, Staycee!