Three in leadership positions retire from the LAPD.

Well Done for Three

LAPD: Three prominent Officers in leadership roles retired from the LAPD recently. We thank them for their service. They are:

Capt. III Maureen Ryan

Capt. III Maureen Ryan concluded her 33-year City career the week of April 29 with a recognition of her retirement. She has worked a variety of assignments and was the first female assigned to the LAPD Valley Traffic Detectives.

Congratulations, Capt. Ryan, on your retirement.

Photo courtesy Los Angeles Women Police Officers Association

Lt. Robert Miles

A retirement party was held May 11 for LAPD Hollenbeck Lt. Robert Miles, who announced his retirement after 33 years of City service.

“Thank you, Lt. Miles, for your hard work, service and dedication to the Hollenbeck community,” read a social media message from the Hollenbeck Station.

Congratulations, Lt. Miles. Enjoy your retirement.

Det. II Mario Cortez

Congratulations to Det. II Mario Cortez on his retirement April 30 after 31 years of City service.

“We thank you for your 31 years of service and your longstanding commitment and membership to LALEY,” the Latin American Law Enforcement Association said in a statement. “Enjoy your well-deserved retirement. Thank you for making a difference.”

Photo courtesy Latin American Law Enforcement Association