Three Dispatchers Retire from LAPD Communications.

In February, three LAPD Dispatchers and Supervisors retired from LAPD/Communications. We thank them for their service!

Karen Brents

LAPD: On Feb. 17, PSR III Karen Brents retired after 33 years of City service. “Her passion for helping our community made her an effective instructor,” according to Capt. Alex Vargas. Congratulations Karen!

Dorine Thomas

LAPD: On Feb. 22, Sr. PSR Dorine Thomas retired after 36 years of City service. Congratulations Dorine!

Yvonne Thompson

LAPD: On March 17, Sr. PSR Yvonne Thompson held her final roll call after 33 years of service to the City. “A real loss for the working PSRs on the floor,” commented Ret. Capt. Dave Storaker, her previous supervisor. “She is one of our best.”
Congratulations on your retirement, Yvonne.