Thanks, John!

Former Los Angeles City Employees Association CEO and Club Founder John Hawkins (left) hands the reins of the LACEA and its subsidiary, the Club, to Robert Larios on the cover of February Alive!.

As Former Los Angeles City Employees Association CEO and Club Founder John Hawkins hands the reins of the LACEA and its subsidiary, the Club, to Robert Larios, we invited everyone to thank John for his decades of service to public employees in California. Here are some at press time.

To John, thanks for all you have done to make the City Club awesome. I am an active Retired member who attends several events and enjoys meeting up with other Retirees. The discounts on tickets are amazing.

“Enjoy your next adventure in life.”

— Cathy Bushey,
Retired Club Member

“Hi John, the Club wouldn’t be where it is today without your leadership and guidance. With your tutelage in the transition, the Club will no doubt continue to be a benefit in many, many ways for generations to come.

“Congratulations on your successes and future successes and endeavors.

“Best always.”

— Arceo Ramos, LADWP,
former Club Employee

“Thank you for your years of great leadership, John! Thank you for taking on the helm of both organizations, Robert!”

Juliet Wong, via LinkedIn

“Best wishes, John!”

— Angie Navarro Rios,
 General Services, via Instagram

“If I had to describe John Hawkins, I would describe him as a man with a heart, not just any heart. He has a heart for everything that he does and approaches it with sincerity, creativity and vision. He brought his creative heart to the founding of the Employees Club of California. In that role he showed his heart for creativity and vision. He shows his heart for Members, demanding top-shelf service and value. The Club motto – celebrating the work and lives of California public employees – is a perfect example of his heart for Members. His creative heart has no end as evidenced by the incredible and endless discounts and benefits of Club membership. His heart for marketing is evidenced by the success of the Employees Club of California’s growth, which has expanded to include all public employees in California. His heart for leadership is certainly evidenced by Club employees and partners who embrace and cultivate his desire to bring value to Club membership. His heart for the hurting, lost and lonely is evidenced by his creation of ‘People We See,’ a series of interviews of people on the street. His heart shows these folks that someone really does care about them, regardless of their lot in life.

“We are thankful to be a part of this journey as a partner of the Employees Club of California and thankful for his heart, leadership and friendship.”

— Patrick Miller, Employer’s
First Choice, Sacramento

“John, thank you for all your years of service to the City of Los Angeles and employees and for allowing me to stay in touch [via Alive!] … my heart is full right now with these memories and full of gratitude. See you in Alive! When you get to retire, you will be leaving an amazing legacy.”

— Jill Weiszmann, widow to
Robert C. Weiszmann, Club Member

“Dear John, working under your leadership has been an invaluable experience that has left a lasting impression on me. Your unwavering motivation and compassionate nature are just a few of the qualities that make you an exceptional leader. Your dedication to continuous growth and innovation has taught me a valuable lesson that I will carry with me forever. 

“Thank you for recognizing and valuing my contributions. Your words of encouragement inspire me to strive for excellence in everything I do. Thank you for these wonderful years!”

— Guadalupe Lira,
 Club Retail Operations Manager

“Dear John Hawkins! You are the definition of a great leader. Your empathy, can-do-attitude, vision and influence made the Club the successful and mission-driven organization that it is today.

“I am forever grateful for having the privilege of working alongside you during my Club career. I have learned so much from you and cannot thank you enough for the impact you had on my professional growth. 

“You leave behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. We will all miss you.

“Onward and upward!”

— Noelle Kauffman,
 Club Director of Sales

“Thank you for your wonderful service, John.”

— Monica Valencia,
 Library, via Instagram