Club daughter is raising money for Shriner’s.

You Can Help Isabella Help Others

Isabella Jones, mighty fundraiser to support scoliosis care.

Isabella Jones, 10, daughter of Heather Jones, Deputy City Attorney, Club Member, has scoliosis and is raising money for Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in Pasadena, a nonprofit medical center. She receives her scoliosis care at the hospital.

Isabella has long been a person who thinks of others. She donated $450 of her own money, raised through the sales of note cards and magnets featuring art she created, to Shriners. Heather, her mother, also said that, three years ago, Isabella donated money from her cookie sales to Door of Hope in Pasadena, which helps those experiencing homelessness. 

“I have scoliosis myself, and have for many years,” said Association CEO Robert Larios. “It affects children as well as adults. Catching it early enough is key to successful treatment.

“Isabella is a tremendous young person, who always thinks of others. I ask Club Members to consider supporting Isabella’s drive to give back to Shriner’s Hospital for her care.”

The Club wishes Isabella many years of great health! 

Click here to donate today to Shriners Children’s, using Isabella’s personalized fundraising.